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by Anahit

Published on January 8, 2018

Meet BF-4E (Best Friend 4 Ever) – the interactive talking droid and entertainer. He cheers up people by playing a guessing game with them. BF-4E can guess the animal that you have in your mind by asking you yes or no questions. He learned very hard and was able to memorize over 70 animals! We gave him a shiny mirror vinyl coating, and a cool hat, in which he hides his magical speaker. BF-4E is equipped with a big brain (Arduino bit) and vocal cords (text to speech engine). Watch the short episode on the board of the International Space Station, where BF-4E accompanies the commander. The commander is alone, and misses her bunny, Daisy, who is left on Earth. Credits go to Anahit, Astghik, Smbat Tonoyans, and our little rabbit, Daisy.

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