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Bass & Analog Synth Instrument Integration (BASII)

by nohtimo

Published on September 6, 2014

The idea is to integrate an analog synthesizer into an electric bass guitar. Purpose; to play both at the same time. Combining the sweet sweet tone of this 84 Fender and the phat sounds produced by the KORG set. The Players: 1). Fender Squire bass guitar 2). LittleBits KORG Synth Kit

How To Make It


I disassembled the Fender Squire Precision bass. Removing the bridge, neck and pick guard. The neck has the classic square chrome plate, to secure the join. I really enjoy the tuners as well.


Need to make a hole in the pick guard for output. An old soldering iron, about the right size... Scrape off the burrs and burnt plastic.


Seat Bit and glue in place. The space your dealing with is different depending on the ax.


The wire I used was able to be snaked through the existing hole through the the body that the pickups use.


Assert position and use Velcro strips to secure Bit arrangement. May need to use a little super glue dab here or there depending.


Have fun...

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