Banana Piano

by ichowmille

Published on October 11, 2015

This is a simple circuit. Power>MakeyMakeyBit>3Bananas and a Spoon Plus Scratch.
I created a neat little Scratch program called Banana Piano which plays a beat constantly and allows the user to play random notes on 3 different instruments using the space key and left and right arrows. I also made as much color and graphic change as possible to attract little (and big) kids. The wonderful thing is you can use the MakeyMakeyBit to input these three keys using any conductive surface (in this case bananas).
You can also remix the basic program any way you want, different instruments, different graphics/colors/etc.
And of course you're not limited to bananas!

My youtube embed doesn't seem to be working below, here's the direct link to the video of the project:

Credits: Ian Nathaniel Nicholas

How To Make It


Circuit Connect the power bit to the Makey Makey bit. I connect in the center of the Makey Makey, but it doesn't matter where.


Conductivity and Ground You have four sets of alligator clips with the Makey Makey Bit. Connect one to "ground" on the bit and the other end to a spoon. Connect the other three to left and right arrow key and space bar (make sure the center is set for space bar and not click). Connect the other ends of these three clips to bananas - the stem is fine.


Connect to Comptuer Plug the Makey Makey into a USB port on your computer using the supplied USB cables - it's micro or mini - I honestly don't know the difference. When I tried this first time I got warnings about my keyboard on my Maccbook Pro, which I just ignored.


Scratch Away Open Scratch and my Banana Piano program (https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/81506118/), click the green flag, hold the spoon in one hand and touch the bananas!

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