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Backpack Light

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Tired of losing all of your pens to the bottomless pit that is your backpack? Well here's the perfect solution! Build your own backpack light to help find all your school supplies that have fallen to the bottom. A simple project to help you go back to school in style...littleBits style!

How To Make It


Begin by building your circuit. Attach the Bits in the following order power + button + wire + bright LED.


Find the best spot to attach the Bits in your backpack. We suggest keeping the power and button near the top where you can easily access it, and bright LED near the bottom.


Sew the Bits in to your backpack with a needle and thread. (Tip: There is a thin slit between the PCB board and the Bit connectors. Slide the thread in there to help secure the Bits even better)


Press the button and light up your backpack! No more losing pens and pencils at the bottom of your bag.

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