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Automatic Door Opener lets our dog in/out while we're away.

by tomparsons2

Published on April 1, 2016

I created an automatic door opener that I control remotely by using my cellphone to signal the littleBits cloudbit.  When the cloudbit is activated, an MP3 recording calls our dog, then a 12 VDC motor turns a ball screw to push open the storm door.  After a 20 second pause, the door closes and the system shuts off.  This is all monitored using a web-cam to verify that the dog went in or out.

I've used it several times while I'm away at work, and it really works.

Duration: many hours

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Overall system explained:

Overview of my automatic door opener that I open remotely using my cellphone which activates the littleBits cloudbit.

STEP 2 : Explanation of the motor control portion of the circuit:

This is an explanation of the logic part of the littleBits circuit that controls when to start and stop the Circuitron reversing circuit, to automatically open the door.

STEP 3 : MP3 player starts when power is turned on by using a one-shot pulse timer.

Explanation of the littleBits circuit that plays the MP3 player when the automatic door opener is activated. The MP3 player is used to call the dog when the door opens. Also, this circuit has a wireless transmitter that turns on a buzzer mounted outside the door to alert the dog when she's outside. The buzzer is on for the duration of the initial delay set on the one-shot pulse timer module.

STEP 4 : One entire door-opening cycle, start to finish:

Callie coming in out of the rain.....

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