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Auto-Cooling Adventure Hat

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Keep cool on your outdoor summer adventures! 

This project was made with our Summer Fun Bundle designed to keep you busy with fun, easy projects while The Heat is On. Each project uses easy-to-find household objects, so you won’t have to exert yourself while it’s Hot! Hot! Hot! 

How To Make It


Assemble your circuit. Connect the power Bit to the battery cable and 9V battery. Be sure to switch the small black switch on your power Bit to "on". Then connect power + bend sensor + fan.


Find a hat that you don't mind cutting up. Lay your circuit out on the underside of the hat. Place the fan at the front of the hat and wrap the rest of the bits around so that they sit at the back of the hat.


Trace around the fan, and then use a box cutter to cut a fan-shaped hole out of the front of the hat.


Embed the fan in the hole you cut. Make sure it is oriented to blow air downward.


Now it's time to grab a needle and thread! You are going to sew the circuit to the hat. Start with the fan. Sew the fan to the hat, making sure to thread through the holes in the corner of the fan.


Sew the rest of the circuit down. When you do this, make sure that the bend sensor is hanging over and into the center of the hat. This way, when you put the hat on your head, the bend sensor is triggered. The bend sensor may need a small amount of material underneath it so that it bends at the right angle. We sewed a cotton ball to the hat at the base of the bend sensor to get it to bend just right.


Place the hat on your head and feel the cool air sweep over your face. You are now ready for any adventure!

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