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by h23tyobrie

Published on September 7, 2016


The “Archtastic” shows you when the target was hit and where it was hit. We invented it after watching some “little Bitʻs” videos of shooting but none was for archery. That was what inspired us to make a target for archery. Our invention solves the problem of having to go up to the target and look exactly where the arrow landed. It does this by when the 5 inch target is hit the buzzer will go off and the timer/clock will be changed to the score number. The scoring system works on a 5 point basis (5 being highest and 0 being the lowest) every 16th of an inch is a 16th of a point.

Duration: 1hr

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Archtastic

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1We started by cutting out a card board with a target on it 2we made the curciute into the target 3 we made the bow and arrows out of metal and wood.

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