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Just Keep Swimming USA

by h23emoria

Published on September 1, 2016

Our invention is about the sport of swimming and is aslo very interesting. The bits we used constist of Bright red lights, a powers source, a fan to make ripples, a dc motor, a servo, a wire, a branch, a switch and a dimmer. We used popsicle sticks as a border, we used paper towel and drew on flags,and we used a foil pan to hold the water. We chose swimming because out of all of the sports we love swimming the most. We also chose this sport because we thought it would be challenging and we wanted to make it hard and fun to achive.

Duration: 5 minutes to build bits

How To Make It


Just keep swimming USA We first chose our bits. Then we got a foil pan with water inside. We made a border to go around the whole thing. We added decorations. We were done.

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