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Aerial Laser Tag

by H23jaalon

Published on September 9, 2016

Sadly I didnt finish this progect in time for the #BitOlimpics but I am going to upload it anyway. Anyway, Bob, Joe, and Pat are in an EPIC dogfight. Who will win?! You build it and you decide! :3

How To Make It

STEP 1 : How To Make

1. Get the circuit to work. You need 3 buttons, 3 bright leds, 3 wire extenders, 3 light wires, 1 branch, and 1 power bit.

STEP 2 :

2. Then you get your scene ready. Cut out the side off any size box. Poke 3 pairs of holes anywhere in on the board. Then put string in the pairs.

STEP 3 :

3. Then you make the people. Get about 7 thick popsicles. Cut 3 of them in half. Cut the round edge of 5 of them. Cut ⅗ in half. Hot glue 3 of the halves together, do it with the other 3 too. Hot glue 4 of the round halves on each corner of the 3 thick sticks, do that with the other sticks too. Lastly glue the heads to whatever side you want.

STEP 4 :

4. Tie the people to the string.

STEP 5 :

5. Tape the light wire module to the the “arms” and wrap the actual wire around the other people.

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