3Doodler + littleBits Bike

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

A moving 3Doodled bike and conveyor-belt.

For a long time now we've wanted to re-create our 3Doodled bike, but with moving parts. When we finally got our hands on some LittleBits that's exactly what we did, creating a new bike and a LittleBits powered conveyor belt. The conveyor belt was completely home made, and we used the LittleBits Holiday Kt to power it.

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Created by 3Doodler, uploaded by littleBits

How To Make It


Cut holes in two of the side plastic sheets for the axes of the sewing bobs.


Join the pieces of plastic together using the 3doodler making an open box that is as wide as the sowing bobs.


3doodle nibs/axes onto the sewing bobs.


3doodle around the motor piece from the Holiday Kit to create a pice of plastic that fits onto the motor end, and then join this piece to one of the nibs that stick out of the holes in the side of the plastic. This will drive the belt.


Place the bobs into the box.


Cut a pice of duct tape and fold it over itself length wise so there is no sticky part.


Wrap the duct tape belt around the sewing bobs until tight and then join the ends with a pice of tape.


Test the belt and sewing bob creation by adding the motor to the axes with the D shaped hole to drive the belt.


Use the 3Doodler bike stencil to make the bike. You'll need to make two wheels, one frame and the front forks and back forks.


Mount the bike, turn on the conveyor belt, and watch it spin.

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