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Korg littleBits Synth Kit x2

Just a quick (and slightly out of tune) test of two instances of the Korg littleBits Synth Kit. I have the first Sequ...

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Made by genshi

Drum rumble

Listen to the drum rumble

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Made by littleBits_user_13462


This is a littlebits powered Breakdancer using a CD, A lego man, The little bits fan and power source and the dimmerWe hope you like the breakdance moves!

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Made by Skisushi

Squishy Bits Turtle

littleBits safely enclosed in a gum container reach out and electrify Squishy circuits conductive dough to light up the turtle's eyes.The doughs are made from household ingredients like flour, water, lemon juice, sugar...You must either hack a branch bit like me or cut a wire in half.

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Made by JackANDJude

littleBits Birthday Song Cake Topper

I cut 3 styrofoam circles to make a Mickey Mouse cake topper.Using the Premium, Synth, and Arduino kits, I programmed the Happy Birthday Song.I placed the speaker, battery, and mods under the red silo cut to appear as if Mickey Mouse was playing 'happy birthday.'

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Made by littleBits_user_21880

Remote controlled Elevator

This is a lego, Trio and littlebits elevator.

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Made by Skisushi

Moving Horse

This horse has a moving tail and a blinking led in the eye for excitement.

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Made by JackANDJude

Juanma LoDo playing littleBits Synth Kit KORG + bend sensor

littleBits is a system of electronic modules that snap together with magnets. es un sistema compuesto por modulos electrónicos conectados mediante imanes.Juanma LoDo playing littleBits Synth Kit KORGBits used: delay, envelope, filter, keyboard, micro sequencer, mix, oscillator, power , random, split, synth speaker, bend sensor.

Made with Bendsensor Img 2667 lr + 12 More

Made by Juanma LoDo

High Pass Filter

Using modules from the Synth Kit, along with an Inverter, to build a High Pass Filter-- a fun patch for creating car wash and ocean sounds!

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Made by pspeer

Arduino MIDI Interface for littleBits Korg Synth Kit

This project demonstrates use of the Arduino at Heart Bit as a MIDI controller for the littleBits Korg Synth Kit. This project's Arduino sketch outputs a clock signal to the Micro Sequencer, MIDI channel 1 to an Oscillator on D5, and MIDI channel 2 to an Oscillator on D9. This configuration enables the Synth Kit to respond to MIDI software, such as in iPhone app, or to a MIDI controller keyboard.

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Made by djpeterso23662

Arpeggio Generator for Arduino & SynthKit

Arduino creates a note stream controlling the oscillator's pitch, the note values climb up, hit the highest note, climb down, hit the lowest note, climb up, and so on and so on...One dimmer controls the note repetition rate, the other the distance between 2 adjacent notes in semitones. The minimum distance is no semitone (= previous note is repeated), the maximum distance is an octave (= 12 semitones).Now if I only knew why I can't upload the Arduino sketch to the "Sketches" section, but only to the "Other Files" section.

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Made by wolfgangschaltung

Drum Pattern Sequencer

Using the littleBits Sequencer to program a 4-part drum pattern, and adding a few tricks in for variation along the way!This patch can be condensed or expanded to suit the number of voices you need for your pattern. Be sure to click on the patching guide below to build your own!

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Made by pspeer


Made a FIZZ BOOM READ poster with working interactive parts for our annual summer reading program.

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Made by DFLMakers