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CloudBit Connected Masskrug

A Web-enabled beer mug using the CloudBit, a sound trigger and IFTTT to send a Tweet whenever it is bumped into anoth...

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Made by tamberg

Simple weather forecast - who likes tomorrow's weather?

It's quite simple picture which tells you tomorrow's weather forecast.5-year-old girl made this story. There are three animals. That is Rabbit, Mouse, and Frog who likes sunny, cloudy, and rainy respectively.Yes, simply, push the button then you will see Rabbit for sunny, and Frog for rainy. Everyday, she is looking forward to meet the animal. It was first time to try to littleBits, and I wanted to make up the project with short time and a little power.

Squirrel Cam

A family of Squirrels moved in under our house (in the crawlspace) and we needed to relocate them. The Squirrel Cam uses two different circuits.The first circuit is placed next to a live Squirrel trap. It uses the motion sensor to detect the Squirrel and then triggers the servo bit to press the shutter release on a digital camera. The camera has an Eye-fi memory card which automatically sends photos or videos to my computer or smartphone once a Squirrel has been detected.It also sends a wireless signal to the second circuit that lives in the house.The second circuit is all about notification. It rings a buzzer and sends a signal via the Cloudbit to IFTTT which sends me a text message.By dividing the Squirrel Cam into two circuits I was able to have the first circuit, with the motion detector and camera, run with just batteries as I have no access to AC in the crawlspace. The second circuit uses the USB power bit which is required by the Cloudbit.

Alarm Notice

This project is designed to send either a text message or phone "notification" whenever an alarm goes of at a designated location.

littleBits + Laser Pegs = WiFi Brick Night Light

Using my cloudBit, the Proto Module, some Laser Pegs (, and a bit of soldering I built an wireless, LEGO-compatible night light. Now I can light up my dark workroom enough to find the overhead light switch. I hereby state I am not affiliated with Laser Pegs in anyway beyond being a major fan of their product.

LittleBits wearable Synth Kit

Using a 3D printer I designed and printed some mounting plates directly onto a teeshirt. The .stl files for a number of the mounting plate are attached. (Save as with extension set to .stl) That can be imported to your 3D printer software.

Turn it on for me!

Would you like to turn on your desktop PC or any other device, without being in front of it? By using a cloudBit, a servo and some LEGO bricks, this project let you send the command to turn on a device remotely from your smartphone.Now you can start booting up your system when you are getting close to home/work, such that when you arrive everything is set up; or if you are far, far away from your PC, you can turn it on and then access it remotely without the necessity of leaving it on all the time. In which device are you going to use this?

Optical Theremin

Welcome to the "House of Oscillation". When you move around inside the house, controllable RGB led's change color and synth bits make creepy noises. It's all very disturbing, and fun! The house has two walls, which each have a "proximity sensor", controllable RGB led, and an oscillator. The two oscillators combine sounds into a mix bit.

ir proximity sensor

Use fused beads and a rubber band to make an ir proximity sensor. The numbers get higher as an object approaches. Be the first to try the 3D printable version here. This sensor is also prominently featured in our Optical Theremin project.

Little Lego Tank

A simple project using Lego bricks, plates and wheels with some littleBits circuitry to make things move, buzz and light up.


What is GramoPaint?GramoPaint is an arc art generator powered by electronics from littleBits, and 3d printed components. It breaks away from the pure symmetric patterns of conventional Spirograph, offers creative control to the user and presents hours of fun and meditative creativity through the power of arcs and cycles.Design BriefWe set ourselves some basic targets for the GramoPaint, each with its own logic. We wanted a form that incited nostalgia and emotion – it is a tool for creation after all – hence the visual resemblance to vinyl turntables from the 70s. We wanted it to be portable and easy to assemble, without any tools. But above all we wanted it to let users explore and do more, not less.

Motion Sensor Greeting

My son's first littleBits project with the cloud starter kit. Using the motion sensor, CloudBit, and servo. Simple but able to share with my 8 year old pragmatic programing projects with instant results.

Connected Photo Frame

This is a connected photo frame for nonverbal communication. Photo Frame + Simple Messenger + Night Lamp This is a single-tap zero character communication tool (just like Yo app). Do you want to say "Good morning"? - just Tap. "Baby I’m thinking about you" - Tap. “Good night” - Tap. The possibilities are endless. It’s that simple. You need two photo frames for communication. See image 1.