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Garage Door Monitor

Always forgetting to close the garage door? Now you can use the littleBits Cloud module, light sensor, and bright LED...

Made with

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Made by Lmsbush


[ with Si Ping Lim, Nour Chamoun, Carl Jadaa, Xiaofeng Lin, and Stephanie McNiel ]In today’s digital age, we’re becoming increasingly reliant on technology. In the workplace, this has been proven to be the cause of increasing distraction. Distractions at work is an immensely important challenge for many companies today, and managing our “relationships” with mobile devices and technology is becoming increasingly difficult. Obviously, banning the use of mobile devices at work is far from a realistic solution.In the future, this problem will become increasingly dangerous, as it can prevent or limit full productivity. That’s why we came up with FlipFocus, a minimalistic desktop device that easily allows you to prevent distractions from happening when in need to focus.In our persona 2030 scenario, our character, Nour, is working at a design firm in New York, NY.Nour constantly feels distracted by her social media news feeds on her wearable devices, and advertisements bombarding her personal viewpoint. This hinders her productivity at work, so she decided to start using FlipFocus.Every time Nour feels like she really needs to focus, she simply flips the rectangular device to the back and all streams that Nour classifies as distracting are now blocked. Once she finishes all her tasks, she then flips the rectangular device again and all her streams are now available for her to access again. iframe src="//" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen

Sunshine Alarm

Instructables Design Studio Artist JON-A-TRON made the Sunshine Alarm so he could wake up with the sun because "it's hard to get angry at sunshine." Now, instead of wanting to destroy your noisy alarm clock for interrupting your sleep, you can wake up with a smile every day. All you need are some littleBits, a smart phone, and some off-the-shelf building toys. Find out how to make your own with the full Instructable.

Scent-imental Notification System

Created by Instructables Design Studio Artist Paige Russell, the Scent-imental Notification System involves the nose in this whole tech revolution by releasing an assigned scent whenever you're tagged on Instagram. This project uses the littleBits CloudBit, IFTTT, custom hashtags and scented oils. See the full project and video at Instructables.

Spin, Crackle, Bop by Jonah Brucker-Cohen

"Spin, Crackle, Bop" is an augmented Rice Krispies cereal box that plays a song and animates the heads of the three characters, "Snap, Crackle, and Pop" when the box is touched. A touch also illuminated the outline of the box and flashes this outline.

Ambient LiFi: Collaborative Communication & Lighting

A Conceptual Project for Future Gadgets CollabConcept:--Based on where we see ourselves in 20 years--We envisioned ourselves working in a creative collaborative space with our peers from all facets of the creative sphere. Everyone in this space is either be freelancing or in charge of their own small business ventures, but most importantly, everyone is be on their own projects. In this future, the concept of LiFi will be a thing of the norm. We will use the light spectrum as a channel of communication on top of the electromagnetic spectrum (wireless, radio, etc). The light spectrum allows for much more bandwidth and faster transmission of data. In the future we may have so many devices talking on wireless that we will need to shift some of our communication to the light spectrum. Our product explores the user shedding all attachment towards data, especially in the space of collaboration. Today's workflow of cloud, email, platform collaboration entangles us with many layers of complexity. Ambient LiFi only allows for time-specific collaboration. It encourages action, engagement, and efficiency due to the time decay of the collaboration window. When you receive a collaborative query your LiFi pod will light up and you may choose to access the project. Once you have opened the project you only have a limited timeframe to view the project and respond. The idea is much the same way that snapchat works, where you do not have the ability to keep your peer's work, but must learn to quickly view and give useful feedback in a relatively short amount of time. One important aspect of this product is that it gives the user the autonomy to view the work when they please. No need to spend hours viewing projects and proposals when they are busy or even at home dealing with their personal lives. You only need a moment to look, respond, and then the video disappears.For the purposes of prototyping, we used littleBits in collaboration with gmail through the website ifttt. Our recipe was for the littleBits LED light to light up when you receive an email from a particular group and to shut off the LED when you check the email using a littleBits button.For more information on this project including the full persona and user journey, please see:http://http//

giants stadium bitify

We were isnpired by the ny giants stadium and used littleBits and legos to make one. There are two circuits: One is meant to show the score and uses a slider and a number bit. The other ones is meant up to light up the stadium when there is a touchdown using the sound trigger, buzzer and LED bits. We also printed out a NY giants logo and placed it on top of the scoreboard. We hope you really liked our creation!

GingerBLINK House

Use a household remote to make a gingerbread house blink!Inspired by the Gingerbread Hack, I made this for my local RadioShack meetup. The gingerbread house is a wooden birdhouse I found at Michael's craft store. The holes need to be large enough to fit bits inside, or there should be an access panel - like a roof that opens from the top.

The Don't-Leave-Home-Without-It Machine

Leave no one behind.Spectacles, phone, wallet, watch. Tablet, keys, pocket knife, camera. Multi-tool. USB cable and charger. Extra batteries. Outgoing mail. Coupons, tickets, medication, and makeup. Sunglasses. Contact lens case and solution. That video game you've been meaning to return. A book to read on the subway.Nowadays we've got more stuff than ever, and it seems like we have to carry most of it around with us. We're also more distracted than ever, our attention constantly jumping back and forth between real and virtual space. It's an insidious combination that can lead to lots of wasted time and energy when we find ourselves at the pharmacy without the prescription, at the hotel without the phone charger, or at the airport without the passport.Whatever it is you keep forgetting, this project can help. It combines a selection of parts from littleBits' Premium Kit with a few common pieces of off-the-shelf hardware to create an automatic pick-me-up-and-take-me-with-you machine. Put it on a table by the door, put the stuff you want to remember inside, and turn it on. If you start to go out without pickings up your things, it sounds an alarm to remind you to grab them, and keeps ringing until you do.How it WorksThe top tray is hinged and counterbalanced with a tension spring adjusted to just support the weight of the tray itself, but nothing more. When weight is added to the tray, it falls slightly on its hinges, and a "bumper" attached to the right face activates the roller switch Bit on the base. The roller switch turns on the first LED bit (to give a visual indication that it's working) and the sound trigger (to listen for someone approaching the door). When the sound trigger goes off, it sends a signal to the vibration motor Bit, the pulse Bit, and the second long LED Bit. This causes the vibration motor to shake a jingle bell (producing an auditory alert) and also flashes the second long LED via the intervening pulse Bit (producing a visual alert). Because the bell is positioned right next to the sound trigger, the auditory alert creates an "infinite loop," retriggering the alarm circuit over and over again until the weight is removed from the tray, the return spring pulls it back up, and the roller switch resets.NOTE: This project requires a lot of drilling. The easiest way to get all the right holes in all the right places is to download my full-scale drilling templates, print them onto full-page adhesive backed mailing labels, cut them out, and stick them to the sides of the trays. Then just drill through template and plastic together, starting all the holes with a 1/8" brad point bit, then switching to your step bit to expand them out to finish diameter.

KOSMOS - Know Your Space!

Using IFTTT, we created a recipe that uses NASA Space application as an input that triggers the Cloudbit module to blink lights. So every time there’s breaking news update from NASA, the light will blink on and off.More:

The Punisher

The Punisher is a device to encourage focus and concentration, with an incentive to keep your hands off your phone - when the device senses your phone has been removed from the platform, it sends a message to IFTTT to post an embarrassing status message on your Facebook account.

Good Morning Sunshine

A cloud-connected circuit that automatically opens up your curtains and plays a wake up sound every morning at sunrise (or other time of your choosing).Using IFTTT we can send a trigger signal through the cloudBit at a scheduled time every day. This signal goes down both wires of the Split Module. On one end it causes the servo to pull the pin that is holding up a counterweight. When the pin is pulled, the weight falls, pulling the cord that opens the curtains. On the other end of the split, the trigger signal causes the mp3 players to start playing a sound file. This file is played through the speaker, which is hooked up to an old radio horn for amplification and general awesomeness.

Bark Tracker

Receive text notifications from your dog while you’re away. Want to know when your dog’s barking is out of control? This circuit will give you an inside look at a day in the life of your pooch. It will alert you if Fido barks too many times in a day. Depending on how you customize the information [i.e. if Fido barks 10 times or 50 times], you can track if and when there is a problem while you are out. Maybe Fido is spooked by the mailman every day at noon. This could be a good time to schedule the dog walker to come by. How it works: With the sound trigger and the number module, this circuit counts how many times your dog barks. The following threshold module only triggers if the number of barks passes the “threshold” that you determine [i.e. 50 barks]. When the threshold triggers, the cloudBit is activated, prompting IFTTT to send you a text notification. IFTTT (If This Then That) is a service that lets you connect to different web apps through simple conditional statements. Once notified, to reset the count to zero, simply press the button in Cloud Control to trigger the reset bitSnap on the number module.

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