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controllable RGB led

The "controllable RGB led" changes color based on the input it receives from other bits. It has two modes: "color se...

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Made by JackANDJude


If you don't have a 3D printer but you want to embed your littleBits project into LEGO you can use the littlebricks design.Below are the instructions in PDF format, the LXF file to use with LEGO Digital Designer, and a couple of pictures of how it works.PDF InstructionsLXF fileScreenshot of virtual modelPhotograph of a modified littlebricks

Adjustable Synthkit

Mounted SynthKit on a computer keyboard, then mounted it on a desktop adjustable lamp - music coming soon! (gotta set up the mini robotic fyr dancer first!) Also used volume knobs from an old delay unit on osc 1 & 2; env. & delay (looking for more that will fit!) #1: top view #2: side view

Cloudbit domino topling

Setting off the first domino in domino toppling is always nerve-wracking because you don't want to get too close any of them till your ready. So we used the cloud bit connected to the servo motor to set it off. The littlebits part was easy, laying out the dominos to match the logo was tougher. Particularly as the dog walked through it twice.

Sunny Buddy

Sunny Buddy is tool to help you enjoy your day spent outdoors in the sun. The Sunny Buddy has three main features to help you out. 1. An i13 light sensor determines how much sun you are receiving and displays that information on 09 bargraph and 021 number modules for graphical and numerical read out. This will help you know how much sunblock to wear, whether you need a hat, and how long you should stay outside. 2. There is an i3 button that you can press to turn on the 013 fan> to help cool you off on a hot day. 3. Finally, there is an i6 dimmer to control the speed of rotation on a 05 dc motor that is holding a LEGO umbrella that rotates to protect your hand from the sun and entertains your friends with its mesmerizing design. The Sunny Buddy is built on a 3d printing prototyping surface I designed in Solidworks. I call this object the littleWand. The littleWand is a 3d surface for prototyping circuits using littleBits modules. There is a slot at one end for a 9v battery and a hole at the other end for adding a dowel to extend the length of the handle to create projects like Light-sabers, fishing poles, flashlights, and more. - You can download and print your own littleWand from Thingiverse.

Ten steps to a light-buzzer-bicycle-signal-horn

As my 4 year old son wont use his bike bell anymore - we decided to get more electrical with it. So we made a light-buzzer-signal-horn for his bike.

Little Bits / Google Calendar automated garden watering system

Have you ever wanted to manage your garden watering system with simple events in a Google Calendar? Through the magic of LittleBits, IFTTT and Google, it’s not only possible, but easy! I’m new to LittleBits (and electronics) but have been amazed at the possibility and range of projects that can be built easily and quickly. The start of the warmer months in Australia can see major fluctuations in weather conditions. I was needing a way to keep a range of plants throughout the garden watered and healthy. I already have dripper watering pipes installed, but to activate them, it was either a case of manually turning on the tap (boring!) or purchasing a simple timer which would water the garden at a set time of day, for a set duration. The problem with a standard non-intelligent timer is that it may not water for long enough on extremely hot days, yet it might over water on rainy days. What was needed, was a way to schedule watering events and duration that could easily be updated based on weather conditions. This project uses the LittleBits cloudBit, along with IFTTT (If This Then That) to check events on a Google Calendar. The calendar could then be adjusted based on weather conditions. If an event is found with the title ‘Watering ON’, the cloudBit is triggered, switching the latch to ‘ON’ and triggering a relay switch, which in turn triggers a solenoid valve that allows water to flow through. When an event in Google Calendar with the title ‘Watering OFF’ is found, the cloudBit is triggered again which switches the latch to ‘OFF’ de-activating the relay switch, turning off the solenoid valve.

controllable RGB led

The "controllable RGB led" changes color based on the input it receives from other bits. It has two modes: "color select" and "fade speed". In "color select" mode, you can select from 7 colors: red, yellow, green, cyan, indigo, magenta, and white. In "fade speed" mode, the led gently fades through these colors (except for white). Colors will fade faster or slower depending on the input it receives. Try attaching it to a dimmer, cloudBit, or even the Arduino module. It's compatible!

Medication Minder

Last time I saw my Doctor, she asked if I was staying on top of taking my daily dose of two different medications. I wasn't sure. Sometimes, late in the day, I couldn't remember whether or not I took both pills that morning. I made the Medication Minder to help me easily log every day I've taken both pills. It was important to me that I didn't change my morning routine in any way (I don't want to have to "retrain" myself) and that it worked with my regular old pill bottles. If both pill bottles get picked up within a few minutes of each other, that information is logged for me to check at any time. Here's an overview of how it works: Power is split to two roller switches in "open" mode. These sense when the pill bottle is picked up and each send an on signal to a timeout, which holds that on signal for a couple minutes. Both timeouts go into a double AND. If both timeouts are on at the same time, the double AND passes the on signal to the cloudBit, which triggers an action on IFTTT. IFTTT sends an email to a special Gmail address I have set up to log the things that happen around me. The hardest part of this project was getting the mechanics right. The pill bottle has to rest directly on top of the roller switch in order to push it down. Making the cardboard tubes as small as possible helped with this.

Midnight Snack Light

When I wake up for a midnight snack, I usually don't want to turn the kitchen lights on. I end up leaving the refrigerator door open to light my way as I prepare my food. Obviously, this isn't ideal either, so I created the Midnight Snack Light.When you open the refrigerator, LEDs above the counter next to the fridge turn on, and stay on for a few minutes so that I can see what I'm doing. Then they'll automatically turn off.

Bass & Analog Synth Instrument Integration (BASII)

The idea is to integrate an analog synthesizer into an electric bass guitar. Purpose; to play both at the same time. Combining the sweet sweet tone of this 84 Fender and the phat sounds produced by the KORG set. The Players: 1). Fender Squire bass guitar 2). LittleBits KORG Synth Kit

DB605 "Data Processed Corrupted" (Electronic-Industrial Sound Project)

A impro electronic-industrial track testing Korg's LittleBits. DB605 is a solo project by Andrea from My Right of Frost steampunk circuit bending industrial band. My Right of Frost draws sound signs from electronic circuits rewired and made unstable up to the feedback’s critical point. The sequences proposed are totally improvised from the point of view of the musical value of the sounds, and tonally unrepeatable. Across and beyond the concept of circuit bending, My Right of Frost operates constantly on the verge of oscillators and filter’s collapse, extemporizing electronic paths that diverge to form a macro-sign, i.e. the artwork. My Right of Frost traggono segni sonori da circuiti elettronici rifunzionalizzati e resi quanto più possibile critici dall`instabilità del punto di feedback. Propongono sequenze totalmente improvvisate dal punto di vista del valore musicale dei suoni, timbricamente irripetibili. Oltre il concetto stesso di circuit bending, intervengono continuamente sul punto di collasso di oscillatori e filtri estemporaneizzando percorsi elettronici che divergono sino a formare un macrosegno, cioè l'opera.

Tide Machine - See the Waves

This simple, cloud-connected surfboard clock shows the wave height in Newport, Rhode Island. Using Surfline reports and If This Than That, Tide Machine constantly updates a CloudBit + Servo to show the swells. It's perfect for getting the surf report right off your nightstand. And it all it took was This IFTTT Recipe to connect SurfLine to the CloudBit for each foot of wave height.