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LEGO PBC 1 (Pin Ball Contraption)

Here's some information about the LEGO PBC 1. But first watch the video to understand the project a little bit bet...

Made with

Arduino withlogo Branch Img 8511rflxlr Img 8516rflxlr + 92 More

Made by Philip Verbeek PV-Productions

Moving Halloween Bats #TRICKSWITHBITS

In this project we're going to create a little Halloween decoration. By attaching cut out paper bats to an invisible thread and LittleBits you can make them move if someone enters a room.

HelloRun Controller

With the Arduino module and the Lego Brick Strips, you can create a custom game controller for HelloRun. Since the game is operated only with the up and down keys on your keyboard, it means that the Arduino module can send those keypresses. The code (included below) listens for ON signals from two roller switches and sends the appropriate key press to control the game.

Monumental Bliss (B)

Two littlebits synth kits, one Roland Juno-60 synthesizer, two amps. Recorded live, using a handheld Zoom recorder. And using the same setup, a more rhythm-noise chunk: There is a little drawing of the circuit.

Arduino Synth Fun Using the Arduino Bit as a simple analog processor to allow more flexible modulation of things such as filter cutoff to produce some really wild sounds. Beginner level programming and uses only a few lines of code.

4 way tilt sensor w/ just littleBits

Using only littleBits and stuff from around the house, make a 4 directional tilt sensor. Add the Arduino module and try running the etch a sketch program with the two tilt sensor outputs.

Sound Activated Halloween Evil Pirate Skull #TRICKSWITHBITS

This project shows how easy is to add functionality to a previous enabled LittleBits project.It adds the sound trigger bit to the project located at and creates a totally new prop for this coming Halloween.Place your "evil pirate skull" in a dark area close to where people transit and wait to see their reaction. The pirate skull randomly plays any number of predefined messages, turning on his red eyes and moving his jaw.Happy Halloween.!!!

Hello Parents

I've created this project as we were leaving our baby girls and our apartment to the grand parents for a few days.My 3 year old can push the little heart to send us an sms that says "hello Parents" and we can answer back by waving the big heart.She used it twice, we used it 6 times over the weekend. :) The sms is sent with IFTTT. We use Cloud Control interface to reply.

Light Up Pumpkin

I molded an LED light wire into the shape of a pumpkin. I then attached a sound sensor to my project. When you turn out the lights and say "BOO," "Happy Halloween," or make any kind of noise, the pumpkin lights up! You may need to turn your lights out to see the contrast between the dark background and the lit up pumpkin in the video.

Lego Wheel Car

I designed this Lego Wheel Car by using a foam tray, Legos, Little Bits and masking tape.


Surfin LEGO littleBits

Music Machine

Made by team NSGP. We have created a music player in which the theme is 'CAR'.

Spinning Replicator

The Spinning Replicator is a copy machine. It can scan an illustration and draw a copy of it without any kind of programming, just littleBits, LEGO elements and a marker. It moves like a gramophone, with two discs that rotates and a lever that travels from center to border. The lever has two sides, one has a light sensor and the other has a marker attached to a servo. When the light sensor is over a dark area, the marker goes down, when the sensor finds a bright area, the marker goes up. When the copy is complete, the roller switch is released, the motors stops and the cloudBit send me a phone notification.

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