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Undercover Art

Use littleBits to turn a work of art into a modern home security device.This mask hangs on the wall, lit by a spotlig...

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Made by littleBits

GingerBLINK House

Use a household remote to make a gingerbread house blink!Inspired by the Gingerbread Hack, I made this for my local RadioShack meetup. The gingerbread house is a wooden birdhouse I found at Michael's craft store. The holes need to be large enough to fit bits inside, or there should be an access panel - like a roof that opens from the top.

giants stadium bitify

We were isnpired by the ny giants stadium and used littleBits and legos to make one. There are two circuits: One is meant to show the score and uses a slider and a number bit. The other ones is meant up to light up the stadium when there is a touchdown using the sound trigger, buzzer and LED bits.

KOSMOS - Know Your Space!

Using IFTTT, we created a recipe that uses NASA Space application as an input that triggers the Cloudbit module to blink lights. So every time there’s breaking news update from NASA, the light will blink on and off.More:

The Punisher

The Punisher is a device to encourage focus and concentration, with an incentive to keep your hands off your phone - when the device senses your phone has been removed from the platform, it sends a message to IFTTT to post an embarrassing status message on your Facebook account.


El objetivo de este proyecto es que las niñas aprendan de una forma divertida el funcionamiento de las puertas lógicas. Para ello se construye una puerta en el cartón pluma, que podrán decorar. Mediante los pulsadores se introducen las entradas lógicas. Si la salida de la puerta lógica es activa, la puerta se abrirá, estará abierta unos segundos y después se cerrara. Si la salida de la puerta lógica no se activa, la puerta se mantendrá cerrada.

Midi Interface for Arduino

This project shows how to build a Midi Interface to use with the Arduino module. When used with the Synth Kit, it takes the synth kit to a whole new level of fun!More information and documentation can be found at


make a machine that will sound like someone farted

Elsas Pirate Village

motorized pirate village with a drawbridge.

littleBits Meets Ozobot

What could be better than interfacing the greatest maker product (littleBits of course!) on the face of the earth with the greatest line following robot (ozobot!).This project shows how to make a littleBits lap counter that keeps track of the number of circuits your ozobot makes on its line (accomplished by use of the LapCounter.ino Arduino sketch).Alternatively, you can BOTH the number of laps AND the lap time (accomplished by use of the LapTimer.ino Arduino sketch.)Click on the littleBitsLapCounter.m4v link below to see the lap counter in action or use the YouTube link to the left.

Ugly Sweater Hack

Dress to impress with this super easy wearable pack. The light wire is 4 feet long and can be easily bent, molded, sewn, stapled, taped to many materials. It’s the perfect way to take your ugly Christmas sweater into the 21st century.Make this project with the Ugly Sweater Holiday Pack!

Nathaniel's LEGO City #bitify

My son has had an ever-changing LEGO City in the house for over a year. He constantly updates and changes it as he goes along. This weekend he bitified it #bitify.I brought my littleBits at home from school and showed them to him. He used the wireless pieces to remotely control some lights, sounds, and a motor on the helicopter blades in his city. And of course we used the new LEGO connector pieces.

Softbits make Arduino programming easy. Softbits are a way of programming the Arduino Bit with the ease of just snapping together Softbits. Softbits minimizes programming knowledge. Just like the physical LittleBits modules, Softbits go from simple functionality such as input and output to Softbits such as the counter module or the Synth and Midi modules that will be in the next project.

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