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Get a text when power to an outlet is turned on/off

I have an intermittent problem with the ground fault (GFCI) outlet in the kitchen.  It trips (shuts off) sometimes...

Breakfast Bot!

Have you ever wanted breakfast, but just don't want to get up from your seat...Well that's just what breakfast bot is for! Using t...


The manatee is one of my favorite creatures. Use a servo and long LEDs to make this gentle marine mammal come alive!

Valentine person machine

Does your lover love you or not? How kind and lovable are you? Find out with this machine!

Squirm The Snake Puppet! #animatronicschallenge

Today's #animatronicschallenge was so much fun! The Larchmont littleBits Chapter created a snake puppet named Squirm... A remix of...

look around for inspiration #AnimatronicsChallenge

Get inspired by Art and Nature to focus on ideas and discover new things around you

#Hack your valentines day

You are going to hack valentines day with little bits. If you have littlebits. You can do it.  Valentines day is the deadline...

Bits on a string

Could it be possible to combine Littlebits wit a normal musical instrument ? Yes I think so…. To experiment with this idea...

Little bits laundry is done

This will send data to your phone or tablet you allso need to create a recipe from ifttt

Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE)

Sundance is advancing the field of Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) by enhancing the capacity and networks of nonprofits workin...

Littlebits meets LEGO Arm and Hand

The Littlebits button and motor spin the LEGO hand which is supported by a LEGO framed arm.

Humidity bit condensed version

It's fair to say that this is not a true new invention. All the credits go to Alex Pikkert for his humidity indicator idea and to ...