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Little bits laundry is done

This will send data to your phone or tablet you allso need to create a recipe from ifttt

Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE)

Sundance is advancing the field of Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) by enhancing the capacity and networks of nonprofits workin...

Littlebits meets LEGO Arm and Hand

The Littlebits button and motor spin the LEGO hand which is supported by a LEGO framed arm.

Humidity bit condensed version

It's fair to say that this is not a true new invention. All the credits go to Alex Pikkert for his humidity indicator idea and to ...

Alarma iluminati

Si hablas cerca, se va a prender y va a hacer una luz titilando

PWM bit for LEDs

This project is intended to provide an additional bit, in line with the available pulse, timeout and servo bit. It generates a fix...


Step right up & test your LOVE! Invent your own carnival-style Love-O-Meter to see if you have what it takes to be a big hunk ...

Cool Synth

Jam out with this synth and show off! Also, you can switch the i30 keyboard with the i36 micro sequencer.


Come one, come all to witness this extraordinary, life-defying, awe-inspiring, battery-powered menagerie of animatronic creatures!...

My Creepiness

This one is littleBits, plus some other instruments -- a rehearsal track for a live show. 

Light and dark vehicle

Vehicle that can light up in the dark

Celebration Device

Start with the i16 pulse.  Attach the w7 fork and then attach o11 servos to each end.Meanwhile, trace both of your hands on p...