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Chain saw

it looks like a chain saw and it has what a chain saw would have.

Love Meter

Thanks to arjun_littleBits for sending this via email 1/18/16 we were able to create a love meter for our high school library! Twi...

Love Meter

Thanks to arjun_littleBits January 28, 2016 for emailing directions and code to give us inspiration on creating our own ...

Family Signal Box

For my parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary I built a family signal box that, when activated, would send a text to my siblings and I....

Powering a city

Powering every city and town is a unique and complex electricity grid, complete with power sources, substations, transmission wire...


based on Inchworm: a littleBits Project by supperyummywonton

Light, Color, Shadow, Sound

Cardboard, tape, toothpicks, transparency film, old film-strip, plastic9” x 13.25” x 2”For this project, I wanted to experiment wi...

Get a text when power to an outlet is turned on/off

I have an intermittent problem with the ground fault (GFCI) outlet in the kitchen.  It trips (shuts off) sometimes...

Breakfast Bot!

Have you ever wanted breakfast, but just don't want to get up from your seat...Well that's just what breakfast bot is for! Using t...


The manatee is one of my favorite creatures. Use a servo and long LEDs to make this gentle marine mammal come alive!

Valentine person machine

Does your lover love you or not? How kind and lovable are you? Find out with this machine!

Squirm The Snake Puppet! #animatronicschallenge

Today's #animatronicschallenge was so much fun! The Larchmont littleBits Chapter created a snake puppet named Squirm... A remix of...