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Thermostat Hack

Control the temperature of your home remotely. This thermostat add-on uses the littleBits cloudBit and a servo module...

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Cloud 1lr Servo 4lr Temperaturesensor 1lr Img 8500rflxlr + 2 More

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A way for our furry friends to let us know when they need to go outside.

RainCloud Umbrella Minder

The Umbrella Minder is a smart umbrella stand. Keep your umbrella in the stand. If it's going to rain within the next 12 hours, the stand will illuminate, indicating that you should take your umbrella with you on your way out. Thanks to a force sensor in the base, the also knows when your umbrella is in the stand. If you leave your home without your umbrella on a day when it is going to rain, the will ping your phone, reminding you to come back for your umbrella.Detailed Instructions and documentation can be found on my website: code is open source, and is available on GitHub:

Chicken Feed Monitoring

We built a simple project using a Cloud bit and the Little Bit slider to monitor how much food our chickens are eating, and if the food pail is empty.How It Works:Our chicken feeder hangs from a spring. The more food that is in the feeder, the heavier it is, so the further down it pulls the spring. When the feeder pulls down on the spring it also pulls down on a slide dimmer. A full feeder pulls the dimmer all the way down, and an empty feeder pushes the dimmer up to the top.The dimmer is connected to a cloudBit, so we can check the level of the feeder anytime, from anywhere. We can also use IFTTT to set up alarms to let us know when the feeder is getting close to empty.

travel time widget

I live in the bay area, and my daily commute ranges from 35 minutes to 2 hours. Heavy traffic is a common problem leading to extended commutes and wasted time. It is very difficult to predict when congestion will occur as there are many factors that can disrupt the roadways, including accidents, sporting events, road maintenance, holiday travel etc. I needed a quick way to understand how traffic was flowing, and Cloudbit allowed me to create a simple physical widget that provides an approximation of my upcoming commute. Using the Driving Times API, and a simple PHP script, the quickest path home is calculated once a minute (including delays). This realtime travel time estimate is compared against the known amount of time the trip takes in order calculate a percentage which describes how much extra time I can expect to spend commuting if I were to leave immediately. This percentage is then transmitted to my widget through the littlebits cloud api (once per minute).When none of the LED’s are visible, the commute times are normal, or faster then normal. When the barograph is fully lit, commute times are at least double. A fifty percent reading on the bargraph indicates a commute time 1.5 times longer then usual. At a glance, I can following changes in traffic patterns, and quickly understand if any unusual traffic has formed, or if the rush hour traffic I would normally expect is unusually light on a given day. This widget is currently mounted to the bottom of my display at work.

Little Bits R.E.M.O.T.E

It's time for a Rediculously Easy Managment Of Things Extension!Have you ever lost a remote... like the one for your TV, music system, or even your garage?It's time to replace them all with a Little Bits Cloud Module and your mobile phone.

I'm your Weather caster!

Darth Vader, holding a miniature umbrella, tells you if it is rainy or clear outside, using his DARKFORCE. 다스베이더가 그의 다크포스로 밖에 비가 오는지 안오는지를 알려줍니다.

Smart AC Unit

Monitor and control the temperature of your home remotely. Turn your AC window unit into a smart internet-connected device. Forget to turn the AC off? No problem, just press a button on your phone to turn it off! Cool down your apartment on the way home from work? Easy! Use the IFTTT location channel to automatically turn on your AC when you enter a geographic area. Save energy and save $$$ with this easy DIY project.*Note: The AC Switch, IR transmitter, and temperature sensor are coming soon. Stay tuned!How it works:Monitor - the temperature sensor transmits data through the cloudBit to Cloud Control, which can be viewed under the “receive signal” tab. This way, you can always know temperature in your apartment/house.Control - Use Cloud Control to turn your AC unit on or off using the IR transmitter and the AC switch. When you press the button in Cloud Control, you send a signal to the cloudBit in your home. This signal is passed on to the IR transmitter, which outputs out a burst infrared light. You won’t be able to see this burst of light because the IR spectrum is not visible to the human eye. It's the same control technology as used in your television's remote control.The AC switch is plugged into the outlet, and the window unit is plugged into the AC switch. The AC switch has an infrared sensor that pairs with the IR Transmitter. The AC Switch toggles the window unit’s power on and off whenever it receives a burst of of infrared light from the IR transmitter. When you send a signal from your phone to the cloudBit, the window unit will turn on/off. *Note: your IR Transmitter should be positioned in the vicinity the AC switch to ensure that it receives the control signal.Automate - Use IFTTT to automatically turn your AC unit on/off in response to conditions that you set. IFTTT (If This Then That) is a service that lets you connect to different web apps through simple conditional statements. Use the Date Time channel to turn your AC on at 5pm and off at 8pm, text “cool it down” as you walk home from work with IFTTT’s SMS channel, or create a location based trigger that turns on your AC unit when you enter your home zone.

Smart Art

Art that’s more beautiful when you do good. :)My goal is to go the gym at least once every 3 days. If I’ve been to the gym recently, my art has a big beautiful rainbow in the sky! But if I haven’t been there in 3 days… a storm moves over the beach! Smart Art uses the power of littleBits Cloud and Arduino modules to know when I’ve been to the gym and how long it’s been since then. Using IFTTT, I set my trigger (or the “IF”) as my smartphone enters the location of my gym, then I set the action (or the “THAN”) as the output of my littleBits cloud module. The Arduino listens for the signal from the cloud module, and starts counting. If too much time has passed, the Arduino turns the Servo motor- making the clouds roll into the sky! Smart Art is also equipped with a button, so I can trigger it manually if I work out somewhere other than my gym, and a long LED that lights up when either trigger is activated. What would you use Smart Art for? What could it help you “do good?”

Remote Pet Feeder

When away, make sure your pet (fish, cat, dog) never goes hungry with this WiFi-activated feeder. You can either feed your pet remotely by pressing the button in Cloud Control (on your phone or computer) or you can set up an automated feeding schedule through IFTTT (If this then that). IFTTT is a service that lets you connect to different web apps through simple conditional statements.How it works:Any time the feeder receives a signal through the cloudBit, the servo is activated. In our case, we attached a fish food container with a small hole drilled in its side to the servo. When the servo turns, a few pellets drop out of the container and into the bowl.You can activate the servo remotely in a couple different ways. You can either use the littleBits button in Cloud Control to send a single pulse to the cloudBit, activating the servo. Or, you could use an IFTTT channel, like Date Time to automate the feeding at times you set.

SMS Doorbell

Receive a text notification when someone rings your doorbell! Whether you are in the backyard gardening, over at the neighbors house, or listening to music at full blast, you will always know when someone is at your door. Install this littleBits doorbell outside your home, and never miss a ring. How it works: The button on the SMS doorbell sends a signal through the cloudBit to IFTTT, which is set (via the SMS channel) to send you a text message (i.e. Knock knock! Someone is at the door). IFTTT (If This Then That) is a service that lets you connect to different web apps through simple conditional statements.

Insta-Ego Head

Got a big head or know someone else that does? Literally inflate your ego with this mind-blowing project! Anytime someone hashtags your name on an Instagram photo or video, a balloon (with your head on it) will fill with helium. The more popular you are, the bigger the balloon will inflate, stretching your head into oblivion. Oh the splendor of being you! This social statement will surely prove your superiority among the commoners.How it works:This project is set up to trigger a servo every time the cloudBit receives a pulse though IFTTT’s Instagram channel. IFTTT is a service that lets you connect to different web apps through simple conditional statements. When the cloudBit is triggered, the servo pulls down on a hose connected to the nozzle of a helium tank, releasing helium into a balloon. Any time a user hashtags a name of your choosing, a trigger is sent to IFTTT, which in turn sends an output signal to the cloudBit. Bask in your glory and float on!

Remote Crib Communicator

This mobile notifies you via text message when your baby makes noise in the crib. You can also control the mobile remotely through Cloud Control on your phone.How it works:When the sound trigger hears a noise, it sends a pulse through the cloudBit to IFTTT. IFTTT (If This Then That) is a service that lets you connect to different web apps through simple conditional statements. IFTTT reads this trigger and outputs an action, in this case a call (or text message) to the parent. We used IFTTT’s littleBits and SMS channels to make this interaction happen. You could also use the phone call channel to receive notification via phone.To activate the baby mobile remotely, simply press the button on Cloud Control. This will send a message to the cloudBit to activate the servo. With the littleBits IFTTT channel, you can also control how long the mobile stays on for as well as the speed at which it spins.