The biggest littleBits project EVER!

The MoMA Store window displays feature 4-foot-tall kinetic sculptures made of wood, cardboard and acrylic and are animated solely with littleBits. The Bits circuits measure less than 1 square inch. This installation required no programming, no wiring, and no soldering – just sensors, switches, lights, and motors snapping together with magnets.

These displays inspired us to get YOU involved in making something BIG.


Grand Prize

The Sock Game by Baila

Dream Flowers by Trish

These projects emerged from an incredibly creative household and tied for first place. The Sock Game was created to “make a really boring job a littleBit more fun.” The functionality of the piece and video narrative won the judges over. Trish, Baila’s mom, works as a preschool teacher and designed Dream Flowers to extend her students’ study of Wassily Kandinsky’s “Concentric Circles and Squares.” The beautiful, intricate flowers and video caught the eye of the judges, who love seeing littleBits used to enhance learning.

First Runner Up

Tap Tap Smile by Peter A. Jackson

Tap Tap Smile is an interactive window display inspired by “everyone’s love of tapping on fish tanks.” When the window is tapped, the fish’s frown turns upside down. The judges were impressed by the adorable display and participatory element of this piece.

Second Runner Up

PANDA-monium by Malachy

This began as a diorama for a class assignment and evolved into an electronic project inspired by The Puppet Master. The use of MoMA project techniques along with the educational lesson and artistic display impressed the judges. However, the real showstopper is the video that accompanied the final project.

There’s only one rule: you must use littleBits to create your display.

Exercise your imagination to transform the small circuits into large-scale works of art. Exhibit your work in a venue of your choice (your living room, classroom, or window will do!) and upload a breakdown of your process and finished product. Like the MoMA Store, we appreciate quality presentations. Check out the Judging tab for further details.
View official rules here.

When you’re ready to submit your entry, click the button below to upload your project.

Grand Prize

$500 worth of Bits! This includes 3 exclusive Bits — you’ll be one of the very first people in the world to get the next 3 Bits we’re working on waaaaay before they’re available for sale.

You and your project featured on the littleBits site, newsletter and social media.

1st Runner Up

$300 worth of Bits! This includes three kits (extended, starter and teaser) and some extra accessories.

You and your project featured on the littleBits site, newsletter and social media.

2nd Runner Up

$200 worth of Bits! This includes the extended kit and some extra accessories.

You and your project featured on the littleBits site, newsletter and social media.

Winners will be selected by a panel of judges comprised of the elite littleBits design squad. Entries will be judged upon the following:

  • Use of Bits. There are millions of ways to include littleBits into your work, be innovative and show off your skills!
  • Creativity. Remember, this is a work of art and it may end up on the littleBits and MoMA store sites. What you craft should be something beautifully original.
  • Documentation. Share your process with us! We love to see sketches and prototypes.
  • Final video. This is the record of your grand display, make sure its top-notch!
  • Share. Put your work out in the interwebz! Though not the deciding factor, we will take into account how much the Bitster community likes your projects.


Our design team created scaled-down versions of the MoMA store designs. Click below to view the full tutorials.

MoMA Store Locations

On display from April 4th - May 12!

Store soho
81 Spring St. New York, NY. map
Store uptown
44 W 53rd St. New York, NY. map


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