Educator Resources: littleBits Online Summer Camp

June 1, 2016

Bring camp to the classroom from June 17-23! 

We’ve created the littleBits Online Summer Camp so you and your students can easily participate in the National Week of Making. The theme? MUSIC. We’ll send out one mini-challenge a day starting June 17. This is a challenge-based approach that will have your students inventing and studying instruments, learning about sound, mechanical motion, creatively solving problems, and working together to put on a massive musical flash mob….Sign up HERE to get your daily dose of dancing challenges.

We’ve compiled a ton of resources to help you bring camp into the classroom as the school year winds down. Whether you want to give your students a musical-themed capstone project or host a workshop with friends, here are your go-to tools for unleashing anyone’s creativity:

This is your ultimate tool to run the littleBits Online Summer Camp as part of the National Week of Making. We’ve designed to work with each challenge and it’s flexible enough that you can tailor it to your specific needs and goals as an educator. What are you waiting for?! Let’s get inventing.

Beginner to Intermediate




In 2014, President Obama announced the Nation of Makers initiative, a call for students, educators, entrepreneurs, designers, and more to learn the technologies that will let them invent anything. From STEM learning experiences to STEAM tinkering, the National Week of Making is bringing the “Maker mindset” to the masses by focusing on creative problem solving, curiosity, collaboration, and critical thinking. As an educator, take the Maker Promise to get the world inventing. As a child of the Maker Movement, littleBits is dedicated to getting the world inventing.