Social dynamics

by Leo Saccomanno

Published on October 2, 2017

This lesson aims to develop socio emotional skills using littleBits.

  • Minimum number of Bits
  • Great adaptability to your own goals
It can be used as an icebreaker before a workshop to foster collaborative teamwork, or it can serve as a tool to move into a deeper reflection on how we share and interact with others.

The main idea is to imagine that each Bit is a person, and that the set of all Bits is a micro society. In this way, the role that each Bit plays in a circuit, is equivalent to how people play different roles in a team.

Duration: 20 min

Lesson Guide


Before the activity Clearly define your goals. In this case, the activity was planned to make a retrospective about how was our day at Agile Open Camp. In particular, identify which role each one played and realize that to achieve common success, we must interact with people playing different roles.


Make your choice (5 minutes) After presenting the 4 roles, each person had to choose between Power, Action, Transformer or Connector and pick one Bit to play that role.
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Link and Share (5 minutes) Each role group shared between them why they chose that role, linking their decision with a specific time of the day when they felt that way.


Connect with others (5 minutes) Participants had to move around in search of others to connect and make a circuit.
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Know your circuit (5 minutes) Each circuit shared what role did each Bit play in the circuit and reflected why is important to have different roles in a team.
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Play your Bit role (optional) Finally, each circuit had to show how it worked to other circuits. Everyone acted as their Bits in the circuit, respecting their position, connecting with others, and making movements or sounds or whatever they think best represented their role in the circuit.