3rd Grade Engineering Projects

by erin_littleBits

Published on March 31, 2014

Students at the William Penn Charter Lower School in Philadelphia, PA created engineering projects using littleBits. 

Creations included:
  • - dance robot
  • - art bot
  • - light ride
  • - hexbug
  • - motorized car
  • - surfboard
  • - fish tank light
  • - rube goldberg machine
  • - motion and light sensing tissue blower
  • - wave sensing ship light
  • - alarm boxes/safes
  • - propeller car
  • - cardboard car
  • - back massager

See the projects in action here:


Duration: 10- 12 class sessions

Lesson Guide

STEP 1 : Introduce littleBits

Students explored the Bits modules and learned how to create basic circuits combinations.

STEP 2 : Design Challenge

Students were asked to create something that used a blue, pink and green module. The challenge was completely open-ended.

STEP 3 : Brainstorm Ideas

The students worked in groups of 2 or 3 and had to do some initial planning in their science journals.

STEP 4 : Design and Build

Students used littleBits + classroom materials to build their engineering projects.

STEP 5 : Document and Share

Each group helped make a video to describe and show their project in action.

STEP 6 : Reflect

Students finished the unit by compiling notes about their inventions and reflecting on the experience.

The projects were then displayed for the rest of the school to see!