Workshop Set

Workshop Set

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The Workshop Set supports up to 32 inventors in your classroom, library, or makerspace. Get ideas from our free Educator’s Guide!
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What can I Make


LittleBits Airboat

We gathered some common craft supplies and combined them with LittleBits and Baila headed out to the lake with her father to test ...

Pizza Box Phonograph

Pizza box phonograph using a littleBits motor and a notebook paper cone with sewing pin.

Automatic Coin Bank

This bank is made from a Base Kit or Space Kit and some cardboard.  When you place a coin over the light sensor, a corrugated...

Product Details

Inventors, rejoice! The new and improved Workshop Set is here, arming your classroom or makerspace with all the Bits you need to unleash creativity and get individuals and groups creating inventions, large and small. With 160 Bits (8 sets of 20 user favorites) and multiple accessories, this Workshop Set is gigantic! It can support up to 32 inventors problem-solving, tinkering, and flexing their maker muscles together. It’s the perfect way to incorporate formal or unstructured STEM/STEAM learning into your program (and lots of fun!).

We expanded and improved on the prior Workshop Set based on extensive testing and feedback from educators and users. The changes will increase the diversity in the Bits that each group (or individual) receives, which will enable everyone to learn more and create greater inventions than ever before.

“littleBits has been an amazing part of our student-driven space and has given students the opportunity to explore their passions, with littleBits being the tool to take them to places only their imaginations dreamt of before.” (Educator spotlight, Laura Fleming)

-- Ideal for educators, makerspaces, libraries, and after-school programs
-- Accommodates 24-32 individuals or 8 groups of inventors with 20 Bits each
--Get started fast with our comprehensive Educator’s Guide, built to empower teachers and other workshop leaders to facilitate and create project-based lessons
-- Access thousands of invention and lesson ideas online
-- Comes with official littleBits tacklebox to store Bits on a shelf or on the go
-- Learn about all your Bits with instruction cards and the “Make: Getting Started With littleBits” book

Student Set, 26 modules
Pro Library, 304 modules

  • Dimensions (mm): 304.8(H) x 406.4(W) x 406.4(D)
  • Product Weight: 9.59 lbs (4.35 kg)
  • Recommended Age: 8+
  • SKU: 670-0013-00
  • UPC: 810876020435

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