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Premium Kit

Premium Kit

$149  ($174 value) Free Shipping in the USA


Get your kids to invent anything with the Premium Kit. Heftier than the Base Kit, it unlocks more powerful interactions with bits like the servo and vibration motors, and is perfect for makers who want a deeper intro into inventing with littleBits. Your kids [and you!] can learn the basics of electronics, explore STEAM/STEM principles, form the foundations of critical thinking, or just have fun with whirring, buzzing creations.

At littleBits, we believe we need to create the next generation of problem-solvers and interventions need to occur early. The time is ripe to create the building block of the 21st century and to empower everyone to be an inventor.

  • Over 600,000 circuit combinations possible

  • Includes booklet of 10 projects and with hundreds more online

  • Contains several modules that are not available in other kits, such as fan, pressure sensor, and vibration motor

  • Create popular projects like a Bubble Flute, Don't-leave-home-without-it-machine, interactive piggy bank and many more!

  • Endless hours of fun and creative possibilities

  • The Premium Kit is a holiday favorite!
    PSFK Guide Guide Spotlight
    Parent's Choice Gold Award

    Premium Kit In Action

    Make it With the Premium Kit

    Bubble Flute

    Create bubbles with the sound of your voice.

    littlePiggy Bank

    Interactive piggy bank that RINGS frantically to thank you for feeding it, BUZZES and LIGHTS up when you pet it’s ear, and SITS qu...

    Servo Operated Blinking Mechanism for a Puppet

    Uses a p1 power, w1 wire, i11 pressure sensor, and o11 servo.


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    dc motor

    The DC (or "Direct Current") motor rotates a shaft when you send it an ON signal. It even has a switch to set the direction of rot...


    Secure your circuit with our shoes! Simply snap together your littleBits circuit, press the feet of your modules into the holes of...


    The fork Bit gives you more options for connecting your Bits: it lets you connect the output of a single Bit to as many as three o...

    Technical Specs

    • Dimensions (mm): 69.9(H) x 99.1(W) x 310.0(D)
    • Product Weight: 1.23 lbs (0.56 kg)
    • Recommended Age: 8+
    • SKU: 650-0120
    • UPC: 810876020039