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extended kit

extended kit

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The littleBits Extended Kit is currently sold out, but you can still find a great assortment of Bits in our Starter Kit!

The Extended Kit is the best way to take your interactive projects to the next level! We handpicked 14 of the most fun, mechanical Bits and crammed them into one double-decker kit, while making sure that they’re a great complement to the Starter Kit. But it’s not just for Starter Kit owners: it has everything you need to get started, including a bit that powers your littleBits from a computer’s USB port or with a 9V battery, for a variety of power options.

The Extended Kit also includes an Instruction Sheet with several project suggestions. And, if you ever stop playing, you can pack everything away in the sleek rectangular case.

The Extended Kit contains:

  • A quick-start instruction set
  • A micro USB cable to power your littleBits from a computer
  • A 9V battery, cable and power bit for untethered power
  • 14 littleBits

  • Kit Insider : Extended Kit Tips

    Winner of Awards From:
    parent tested, parent approved
    National Parent Publications Awards
    Maker Faire
    Dr. Toy
    Popular Science

    Make it With the extended kit

    Personal ventilator

    If you're a "hot headed person", you should definitely try this out.

    Motion Sensor

    Protect your room with this motion sensor! Made with:Power sourcemotion sensor (10ft x 10ft)Buzzer

    Space Rocket

    ¡Impresionante cohete construido con K´nex que despega mediante littleBits!Impressive built K'nex rocket that flies by littleBits!...

    Bathtub Level Monitoring

    SMT Waterbit - Where Water and Electronics Mix. http://youtu.be/d8HV8KpQky4Vote for the WaterBit so you can do the similar project...

    Crazy Contraption Circle Making Machine

    Using the Lego Crazy Contraption kit, we created a circle making machine in honor of the Pi day of the century. We used Legos, the...

    Auto cabinet light

    This light turns on automatically when you open the cabinet. The roller switch is turned on the  open mode so when the c...

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    Technical Specs

    • Dimensions (mm): 310.0(H) x 61.0(W) x 100.0(D)
    • Product Number: k3-extended
    • Product Weight: 0.79 lbs (0.36 kg)
    • Recommended Age: 8+
    • SKU: LB-KIT-k3-EXTENDED-v03-w/power
    • UPC: 859477003522