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WISE Team (Eddie)

Engineers and Scientists excited about enthralling, educating and motivating the youth across Manitoba with hands on, memorable and interactive presentations

Member Inventions

animatronic demon puppet #hackhalloween

In a recent puppet slam, I decided to take a horror angle in my animatronic puppet. I wanted to have a puppet that could be contro...

Animatronic Functional Sorting Hat

    a hat that genuinely sorted students in my class using random choices. I noticed that the microphone bit could fire ...


This project was inspired during a busking session. I was standing still (it's what I do) and had some time to think and figu...

"Spy"der telepresence arachnid #animatronicschallenge

"Spy"der is a radio controlled spy robot. I used 2 little bits servos with a receiver. On the other end, the transmitter was conne...

Member Lessons

Robotics to Evoke Literary Emotion #LITTLEBITSLESSONS

Using an animatronic sorting hat, students will explore the emotions related to the first day of school in connection to Harry Pot...

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