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Matt Fisher

Director of the SELF Design Studio, a pre-service teacher makerspace at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. We hope to learn how to better incorporate LittleBits into our teacher preparation programs, and inspire our pre-service teachers to embrace a creative and inventive mindset.

Member Inventions

Van Gogh's Sunflowers Reimagined

Last fall, as part of the Invent Anything online program, I started creating a reimagined version of one of my favorite pieces of ...

SAW Inspired Trap for #HackMyHalloween

The project is a product of inspiration that comes from the SAW movie franchise.  The circuit begins with a light sensor that...

HandHeld Auto Hyper Knocker using MakeBlock Rails

To demonstrate how to use LittleBits with the MakeBlock parts system, I built this pulsing servo to use as a door knocker.  I...

Apple TV Remote Finder

I've had to take a little break from my own #InventAnything project for my real world job and family responsibilities this week. B...

HandHeld Party Spinner with LittleBits and MakeBlock

Easy demo of versatility of MakeBlock parts and LittleBits modules.  Quick assembly with zipties.  Fun party spinner, it...

Temperature Controlled Backpack Cooling System

It's been a long, hot, and exhausting day at school and now you've got the long bike ride home to deal with.  You'r...

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