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Member Inventions

LittleBits wearable Synth Kit

Using a 3D printer I designed and printed some mounting plates directly onto a teeshirt. The .stl files for a number of the mou...

Midi Interface for Arduino

This project shows how to build a Midi Interface to use with the Arduino module. When used with the Synth Kit, it takes the synth ...

Sequence Recorder

littleBits Sequence Recorder This project will repeat the sequence that you tap into  the morse button and then play you...

Laundry Done Alert

We will use the Smart Home Kit to send a text message when your laundry washer and dryer complete their cycles. You have a lot ...

Tin can organizer for synth kit platform

Found object organizer/platform for KORG Synth Kit

Texting with littleBits: Hey Yo!

Texting with littleBits: Hey Yo! When your friend wants to say Yo to you, they send a Yo! from their cell phone SMS to y...

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