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Member Inventions

Happy Hand Shake

Shake his hands and his eyes light up! What a friendly way to say hi :-) 

Tickling Alarm Clock

Light sensor installed on the top will gently wake you up with a tickle and a buzzing sound.Connect a feather to the servo and bui...

3D Printed Minecraft Skier #BitOlympics

This is a 3D printed Minecraft Skier. It is based on a skier moving left and right using LittleBits Servo and behind him, a r...

Sensor System

Essentially, I wish to create a system that when a combination of either sound and temperature change, sound and motion or tempe...

KickBot #BitOlympics

A kicking robot with a counter to keep score. When the ball hits the button, the scoreboard adds another point. You can exper...

Fire-Fighting Flashlight

Fight darkness and smoke with this useful fire-fighting flashlight. A must-have in any fire-fighting kit!

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