Club Leader


Rosanna is founder & CEO of Sparklelab, a little maker space in Manila where strange and wonderful things happen. She is also prank master at large, and safeguards the fun, the unexpected, and the absurd in the day to day. As a designer, Rosanna is above all, an experience architect. In no par...more

Member Inventions

Spoopy Trap

A dog sees a ghost in a graveyard and creates a domino effect.A #HackHalloween short created by Marines Sta. Ana and Jose Angelo F...

Infected #HackHalloween

A police officer wanders through the countryside and comes upon an abandoned barn. He encounters two farmers (felons?) but ends ...

The Haunted Mansion #HackHalloween

Not all is what it seems...A #HackHalloween short written, story boarded, little bitted, shot and edited by Tino, Ines and Nicole....

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