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A makerspace in Rio de Janeiro that connects people, ideas, tools and technology to produce social impact and innovation.

Member Inventions

PokeBag #HackPack

This is elegant bag is inspired by the Pokemon series. It uses light to shine the way and a dc motor to ventilate the user. Pokeba...

BuzzBag! #HackPack

This bag can scream like a car! who never wanted to have a car like bag?!

Buckbeak's Flight (Harry Potter and the Hippogriff)

With the help of littleBits, you can re-enact the scene of Harry Potter going for the ride of his life on his new friend, Buckbeak...

Eating Panda - #AnimatronicsChallenge

This eating and slurping Kung-Fu Panda reacts to sounds and stops eating when it has been spotted. But only for a short while - it...

Chill out a littleBit

What do you need other than some modules to relax and spend quality time by yourself?Music, breeze and massage just from your...

Stick Figure Michael Jackson

Thrill your friends and show them who's bad with this Michael Jackson version of the stick figure costume! 

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