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Moonlighter is a membership-based digital fabrication lab, creative collaboration and learning space, and an arts + design exhibition venue. We feature and support local designers and aspire to engage our communities with fun S.T.E.A.M. educational experiences that foster the growing maker moveme...more

Member Inventions

#HalloweenChallenge - CALABAZA MISTERIOSA


KidsInventors Peru - #ChainReactionChallenge - Tinas Group (Roosevelt School)

A new way of activating a DIY Clock Alarm, the chain reaction activates a song in the computer "We are the champion" and at then s...

KidsInventors Peru - Littlebits #ChainReaction Challenge - MC1000 Group (Roosevelt School)

The task is to turn on the page of a book in an extremely difficult way!....and 1000 represents the power of the ball when goes do...

KidsInventors Peru - Littlebits #ChainReaction Challenge - Tinas Group (Roosevelt School)

The task is to turn on the Yacker Tracker which is like an alarm that control the level of the voice of the classroom. Then the gi...

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