Club Leader

Travis Sluss

Travis Sluss found his first start in the technology industry at an early age printing labels for his local community at 11 years old. A few years later Travis became the youngest intern that a recognized New York City computer-consulting firm had ever accepted. Later that summer he built his fir...more

Member Inventions

Pumpkin Man

Light up a pumpkin and bring him to life! His eyes are made of long LEDs and hit hat moves with the help of a servo!

The Viking

Future Stars and MacInspires teams up every summer for STEAM Camp! Campers Jessie and Skyler made an amusement park ride call...

Remote Pet Dusting Robot

Have a hairy dog? Hair in the corners of your room? Under the table? In your bed?! This robot is for you! Just snap together a few...

Hearing Impaired Phone Ring Assister - #InventforGood Challenge

Hello!Before opening MacInspires I was a full time sound engineer and producer. When working in theatre or live concerts at the Fr...

Mr. RC Drawbot McArmface

We modded the G&G RC car for maximum drawing power!

Fiona's Doorbell

Fiona used the base kit to create a doorbell for her room!

This club has no upcoming events right now.