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I'm electrical engineer, maker and education passionate! I've been working with embedded systems (product development) for more than 12 years now. I'm also a maker and became a littleBits fan first time I meet it in middle 2014. Since I started to play with my daughter I understood the po...more

Member Inventions

Water in the pot #ChainReaction

They made a huge and complex way to end the put the water in the pot

Olympic torch and symbol #bitOlympics

The Olympic torch made from recyclable materials and the emblem with the five continents using bits! Made by Lucas, Thalita, ...

Giant bubbles

Giant bubbles made with plastic cup and soap.

BB8 (IR controlled) #BitWars

A paper craft BB8 that walks and move his head.

Introducing littleBits

Students explore littleBits basics to build up their familiarity with the Bits and then engage in short rounds of mini-­chall...


Train made with box and plastic bottles

Member Lessons

Magic of Invention Workshop Guide

Are you ready for a most magical adventure? In this workshop, participants will craft an invention inspired by the magic of Harry ...

Hack Your Halloween Workshop Guide

Calling all zombies, witches, phantoms, and mad scientists! Use your bits to invent a costume or prank, then create a a scary...

Illuminating Invention Workshop Guide

We designed this challenge and workshop guide for beginner inventors, mentors, and educators. If you have never participated in a ...

littleBits Online Summer Camp Workshop Guide: Music #NationOfMakers

CELEBRATING NATIONAL WEEK OF MAKINGIn 2014, President Obama announced the Nation of Makers initiative, a call for students, educat...

Introducing the Invention Cycle

This lesson will introduce students to the littleBits Invention Cycle, a process that can help guide students through the inventio...

Birthday Challenge Workshop Guide

OVERVIEWDuring this workshop, participants will work in teams to invent a celebration creation for littleBits’ 5th Birthday Party....

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