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I am the 21st Century Learning Coordinator at The Davis Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. I believe in the power of libraries to transform the learning experience. I lead #MakerMonday for PreK through 5th grade, teach a fourth grade programming & robotics class, facilitate a 5th grade entrepreneurship...more

Member Inventions

Two Sided Night Light

LittleBits Invention Challenge: Create something that glows. We decided to create a bedside lamp using origami and LittleBits.

Camp Fire

LittleBits Design Challenge: Invent something that glows. We invented a campfire with a tent and a fire out front that glows.

Cherry On Top Bot

We made a cherry on top bot that spins with a glowing ice cream on top.

LittleBits Birthday Challenge

Our students participated in celebrating the five year birthday of LittleBits. Their instructions were to create anything birthday...

Glitzy Doggywood

We created doggy celebrities that sparkle and shine in Doggywood.

Holiday House that Glows

We created a Holiday House that glows with presents and festive decor to celebrate the holidays.

Member Lessons

Magic Microwave

Students invented a magic microwave. With the power of LittleBits circuits, the microwave lights up, the tray spins, and the food ...

Fun on the Playground

This fourth grade design team created a playground made of LittleBits. It consists of a merry go round, a see saw, and a slide.

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