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Lighthouse Education's mission is promoting kids of all ages to engineer, construct, invent and code their way to happiness.

Member Inventions

Glow bug

This six year old created a bug that glows and moves using littlebits.

glow bug

students created a bug that uses bioluminescence and littlebits

Zombie Blaster

Zombies have envaded the world.  Students must design and build a zombie blaster using littlebits to destroy the enemy and sa...

LEI Monster Invasion

Monsters have invaded Earth.  It was the student's mission to destroy the monsters by creating a devise using littlebits that...

Harry Potter vs. Voldemort Magical Flying Battle

An epic battle between Harry Potter and Voldemort, set to music in front of a Hogwarts backdrop. 

Harry Potter-Retrieve the Golden Egg

Wizards used a sorting hat to be placed on teams.  Teams  then designed and created a device using littlebits which woul...

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