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Hey guys! I am the founder of a blog called which talks about new technology for girls, the co-founder of MolenGeek, in incubator in Molenbeek and the community leader of Start it @kbc the largest incubator of Belgium. Technology enthusiast, I beleive that women have a role to play in...more

Member Inventions

How to push your coworkers to put their dishes in the dishwasher with littleBits

Tired to fill the dishwasher in place of other ? Got the solution for you !

How to shut up your coworkers when they make to much noise !

Coworking spaces are great, but sometimes they is too much noise and it's super difficult to concentrate. Find here our solution !...

#BITWARS Star Wars Design Challenge

Tech jedis from Brussels accepted the challenge from littleBits New York.It was good fun, and I don't know why the favorite Star W...

Bottle Dispenser for Babies

Every day I have to give 5 bottles to my baby. Which is approximatively every 4 hours. Mum, geek and super busy, sometimes I do no...

Halloween Hack - 12th & 13th October 2015 (Athénée Robert Catteau, Brussels)

We organized a workshop in two different classes in a school in Brussels, Belgium. The theme was "Halloween Hack" and the idea was...

Cookie Cupboard Alert

How to keep the children (of all ages) out of the cookie cupboard ? Use the lightsensor and the number module to know when the coo...

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