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Geek Forest is space for experimenters, inventors & makers of all ages. Learn, inspire and make.

Member Inventions

Snack-a-pult - #shapebits

As a growing 7 year old girl, I love healthy snacks !  I invented a new way to eat raisins using littleBits and everyday...

Email Music Box by Jonah Brucker-Cohen

"Email Music Box" connects a vintage wind-up music box to the Internet. Every time an email is received, the song “Hey Jude” by th...

Spin, Crackle, Bop by Jonah Brucker-Cohen

"Spin, Crackle, Bop" is an augmented Rice Krispies cereal box that plays a song and animates the heads of the three characters, "S...

Automagic Sunglasses

A set of sunglasses that remove the lens when they are indoors.

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