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Fablab Innovation

The aim is to put FabLab and Lillebaelt Academy courses together, in game with businesses and entrepreneurs, seeking the development and evolution.

Member Inventions

EAL Digital concept students doing welfare technology to 9 different municipal institutions

The project is called Building Interfaces for Social Inclusion (BISI) and it is the sixth time we make such a project. The advanta...

Make something that does something

Our students from Digital Concept Development in the Techology class learning about LittleBits. We place all the Bits and we give ...

Innoevent - PAPLAB

FabLab Innovation was present at Innoevent 2016,, an event that challenges students to work together to creat...

littleBits @ Maker City Festival

Maker City Festival is a festival for tech enthusiasts, artisans, hobbyists, engineers, artists, students and others who are dedic...

littleBits - Digital Concept Development EAL

"Today the students had a quick intro to Little bits. It is very intuitive so it was easy for everyone to understand the given tas...

Making a playground for a narrow target group

From idea to prototype Purpose The digital and the tangible world is colliding and becoming more and more intertwined. Product ...

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