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#bitOlympics Rhythmic Gymnastics : Club

Yeonjae Son, a well-known gymnastics player turns around while she pound on the floor with her clubs. This wonderful performance r...

Toilet Paper Inventory

When your toilet paper stock gets down to only two rolls, this smart toilet paper dispenser reminds you and all your housemates to...

#bitOlympics Snowman skier (눈사람 스키)

Minjoon an his daddy made snowman skiers. Popsicle sticks became ski boards, plastic straw became ski poles. I am sure these two s...

Rocket Launch

...5....4....3....2....1....push the button and blast off!

#bitOlympics Cycle Finish line sensor (싸이클 결승선 판독장치)

There are multiple number of cycles coming to the finish line. At the very moment when the first bicycle pass the final line, buzz...

I'm your Weather caster!

Darth Vader, holding a miniature umbrella, tells you if it is rainy or clear outside, using his DARKFORCE. 다스베이더가 그의 다크포스로 밖에...

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