Club Leader

Toshiki Asakawa

COO, Digital Hike LLC<br> I love Art, Design, Programming(especially algorithm) and I want to spread STEAM Education widely in Japan.<br> I have a perfect teammate about IoT/M2M. We are into making some original modules connect littleBits with network through Bluetoth,WiFi.<br> We have many wo...more

Member Inventions

A Bowling game - Nothing to be worried about Wrist Pain -

This is a Bowling game.There is no need&nbsp;&nbsp;to be worried about Wrist Pain.

The littleBits Town

We made a littleBits town with many Bits and materials!-workshop at&nbsp;'KIDS' WORKSHOP 2016 - MIRAI SUMMER CAMP'Jul. 28-29,2016 ...

"Funya-Funya" controller with conductive ink

This is "Funya-Funya" controller which is connected to PC with USB."Funya-Funya" is &nbsp;a mimetic word which means feeling like&...

A Bamboo Blind Glass with Strawbees

This is a glass for who is little shy butwants to talk about to someone.

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