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I am the Assistant Director at the Buchanan Library. I'm responsible for maintaining the network and computer systems, training staff & assisting patrons with tech needs. littleBits has changed my life. It is so much fun! Love those "aha" moments. I didn't foresee that littleBits would become s...more

Member Inventions

Birthday Party Hat

Turn your party hat into an attention catcher using the servo motor.  Attached your decorations to the top and watch them twi...

Light up pinata

This pinata is too cute to bash but you could find it easy in the dark!

Makey Makey Drum Kit

Make a drum kit that connects to your computer using the Makey Makey Bit!

Gizmo Girls Concert Stage

We created a concert stage with Legos and littleBits for our Gizmo Girls event at the library!

Rube Goldberg Chain Reaction Machine

Our Geeky Bits Club was challenged to build a machine that moved a ping pong ball into a cup using as many littleBits, simple mach...

Bits Your Board Game!

We used the Makey Makey to add littleBits to an old board game.

This club has no upcoming events right now.

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