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I am the founder and director of AJ Studio, also a wife, mother of two, product designer, published children's book writer and illustrator, and a passionate educator. At AJ, we love creativity, interactive learning, entrepreneurship, all for growing the next generation of innovators!

Member Inventions

#BitOlympics Challenge: Downhill Skiing

Level: Beginner to advancedTime: 2+ hoursRecommended Kits: Premium or Deluxe.If you want to take it up a ...

The Ultimate Backpack Alarm System #HackPack

We all carry our valuables in our backpacks. Set up an alarm system to prevent someone from taking your stuff!

Invent The Future of Pet Fashion

Fast-forward to the year 3000. What will your pets be wearing? Will they be more en vogue than you? Create futuristic pet fashion ...

The Bike Safety Backpack #HackPack

This backpack is designed to help protect bikers in at night. When it's dark the flashing lights automatically begin, letting...

Toilet Paper Dispenser: Sheet Saver #Shapebits

Enough is enough! Saving trees one sheet at a time.Our team constructed a touch-free toilet paper dispenser. The goal is...

Hack Your Backpack Design Challenge

Level: Beginner to advancedTime: 2 hours or lessRecommended Kits: Premium, Deluxe or SynthIf you want to ...

Member Lessons

Reinvent A Mundane Object Workshop

Make mundane objects smarter and more interesting, using lights, sounds and motors!Each month, waitlisted CreativeMornings guests ...

How to Host a Hack Your Backpack Workshop

Go back to school in style with the coolest backpack out of all your friends! You’ll walk down the hallways with a book bag that...

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