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Check out our best tips and tricks for bringing powerful STEAM learning to your classroom or library.

Educator's Guide

Mini-lessons, challenge cards and tips & tricks to get you started.

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Steam Guide

Eleven tips and four case studies to help kick-start your STEAM program.

Steam Guide

Librarian's Guide

Real-world tips for getting started with littleBits in your library.

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Steam Student Set Resources

Use our top educator offering with confidence! Get the teacher and student guides, and tie-ins to standards.

Teacher's Guide

120+ pages of detailed instruction and classroom management tips.

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Student Invention Guide

70+ pages of group or self-guided inventing, plus instruction in the engineering design process & more.

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NGSS Connections*

All lessons link to NGSS Engineering Design standards & the Common Core.

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Classroom Tools

Our tried-and-true ways to get your whole classroom engaged in fun, invention-based learning.

Invention Log

A workbook for students to document each step of their journey.

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Invention Booklets

Instructions for inventions from 5 Kits. Printer-friendly 8.5 x 11 PDF.

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Individual Bit Cards

Printable trading cards: Power, Inputs, Outputs and Wires.

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littleBits 101

New to littleBits? Learn about our mission and discover everything you need to know about your Bits.

littlebits Ted Talk

Ayah Bdeir's TED Talk, “Building Blocks that Blink, Beep & Teach.“

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Littlebits Book

A comprehensive guide that helps you get to know your Bits.

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Bit Basics

This guide teaches the fundamentals of littleBits, and makes getting started a snap.

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Created by Gary Stager and Sylvia Libow Martinez


Videos on using littleBits in Education


Meet some of the talented educators who are using littleBits to unleash creativity and 21st-century thinking in classrooms, libraries and makerspaces.

Sergio anaya bw

Supervisor of Instructional Innovation,

Colonial School District, PA

“littleBits provides our students with the ability to be creative & to design, test & redesign their inventions. I overheard a 5th-grade student say, ‘Mr. Wilson, I have been waiting for this my whole life!’”

Laura fleming bw

Library Media Specialist,

New Milford, NJ

“Something I love about littleBits…is that they have a low barrier of entry, meaning that any of our students can sit down and use them, regardless of their proficiency level or academic status.”

Jamie ewing bw

5th Grade Teacher,

Prince George's County, MD

“They are crazy easy to use, and there are endless possibilities once students get the basic understanding of what these circuits can do.”

Lindsey own

Head of Makerspace,

Evergreen School, Shoreline, WA

This year Lindsey plans to use littleBits with elementary school students to make interactive dioramas and posters without the additional need to write code.

Duncan wilson


Fox Meadow Elementary School, Scarsdale, NY

Duncan has been using littleBits in the school’s maker space with both class groups and afterschool clubs. This year his team plans to use them as part of challenge projects in 2nd and 3rd grades.

Richb bw

Associate Professor Emeritus,

Northern Illinois University

One of our educator community superstars who has submitted more than 40 lessons, Richard uses littleBits to teach physics, computer programming and mathematics concepts.


Educator Case Studies

To learn about the adaptability and ease of integrating littleBits into different settings, check out our case studies.

Additional Resources

Discover more about littleBits and find fun events and inventions you can make to continue the learning!