Meet the Inventor

Vedant Desai



Vedant has been making some spectacular Makey Makey projects, including a penny controlled car and interactive pin golf. We interviewed Vedant to learn more about how he goes about making his projects.


Where are you based?
I am based in Danvers, Massachusetts.


How would you describe yourself in six words or less?
Fifth Grader Football Player Smart & Funny


What was your littleBits “a-ha!” moment? The moment you were bitten by the littleBits bug.
One of my dad’s friend moved back to India and left behind the electronic kit which required high level of programming skills. It was not only difficult kit to understand but also hard to build. My parents started searching for electronic kits as my interest grew into electronics and also because I had put electronic kit on my Christmas wishlist. On Christmas Day, I was introduced to littleBits and I spent the whole day building projects from the booklets that came with the kit. I hardly use the booklet now and rather put my imagination and creativity to work with littleBits.


When starting a littleBits project, what does your design and video process look like?
1) My first step is to brainstorm my project and discuss with my family.
2) Then I plan out and collect required materials and bits.
3) I complete my project and then test it.
4) I prepare a speech and practice few times before I start recording my video.
5) I post my videos on youtube and littleBits. With my teacher permission sometimes I do a live demo of my project in my classroom.


How has littleBits impacted you creatively?
I always imagined to control my lego cars via a remote however I did not have the right tools. With littleBits, my imagination can be real now.


What do you plan on inventing next?
My next project that I want to build is a robotic prosthetic leg.


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