Meet the Inventor

Silvia & Alejandra


Where are you based?
We are based in Lima, my home is the office.

How would you describe yourself?
Alejandra is a 21 years old graphic designer, studying her career of Direction in Graphic Design with experience with craft materials and electronics because she learnt carpentry at school.

Silvia, mom of 2 kids (don´t dare to ask my age)!! I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and littleBits was the perfect excuse to start my dream! I have 14 years of experience working in marketing areas for technology and cosmetic products. Now I enjoy working at home having much time for my kids but working very hard to introduce littleBits in Peru.

What was your littleBits “a-ha!” moment? The moment you were bitten by the littleBits bug.
For me when I saw the a TV report of littleBits and start researching about the products, I really follow in love with the littleBits because of the possibility of discovering your inner inventor and I think is important to develop and promote this skill in kids specially for my country who is part of emerging countries.

For Alejandra, her first littleBits a-ha moment was when she came to the interview and discover the product, she was surprised that kids can learn electronics easily.

When starting a littleBits project, what does your design and video process look like?
Both of us complement the process of inventing, Alejandra starts thinking in the coverage, how it will look like, what does it need in terms of weight, height, materials, etc and I think in the circuit, how it will function…and both support kids in developing all their projects.

How has littleBits impacted you creatively?
For both of us, it is very challenging to support kids in developing their ideas and make them real! It is a hard process in terms of how the circuit and craft materials will be combined to make them real. It is not easy but kids happiness when they finish their projects is our satisfaction.

What do you plan on inventing next?
Harry Potter is the final project of this year, we are inviting kids to participate in this challenge. It is useful and motivating to have this challenge calendar for promotion of the workshops!!

Check out their winning invention from the littleBits’ Birthday Challenge:

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