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I am a teaching Engineer & dad to 3 creative boys (5, 8, & 15) who love exploring, building, making, and experimenting. During the week, I teach at Flying Fox Studios, which is located in Brisbane, Australia. Over the past 7 years, I have developed the program I now teach, called Fox Blocks, w...more

Upcoming Events


UpGrade: Let it Glow

This month, we will be taking the concept of illumination and hacking it to create inventions with glow.
We'll play with light, understand reflection, refraction, and the colour spectrum and learn to use sensors all in our unique, creative way.

Will you prototype a secret reading light, an anglerfish model, an updated Mining helmet design, or something else?

Electronics meets maker space in this workshop that combines LittleBits and our array of crafty materials. By the time you are finished, we'll have upgraded more than your ideas.

Cost is $24- per student.
Students 12 years and over may book directly via our website.
Students 7-12 years may book a place if they bring a grown-up helper and must book via e-mail or over the phone.
(07) 3855 1528

Flying Fox Studios, 751 South Pine Road, Everton Park Qld 4053 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

2:00PM 27 May 2017