Chapter Leader


I am a builder, tinkerer , and designer. I love to find problems and build a way to solve them. I find that hands on projects are the best way to learn new skills.

Member Inventions

LittleBits Pajama Party in Knoxville, TN

A small handful of friends inventing and playing with littleBits.

Annoying flying ship #bitwars

Prototype of a flying ship that make a lot of noise.

The Reading Arm #InventForGood

We completed this project using the new littleBits STEAM Student Set in the #InventForGood challenge.  The reading arm helps ...

#HackHalloween Spinning Hat

Littlebits used to spin a hat with sound. #HackHalloween

Snowcation Fantasy

Originally this was part of the "Tell us a Travel Tale" Challenge.This is a beach weekend teleportation device. After all this sno...

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