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Member Inventions

Squeeze-a-Ski #BitOlympics

Skiing is hard. What do you do with your arms? Not much. And yet, so much potential! We in Team Downhill Skiing have improved th...

Penalty shoots 2000 #BitOlympics

Me and my six year old daughter, Stella, made this football penalty game.#BitOlympics

Internet-of-Skis #BitOlympics

Too tired to ski? Got blisters from squeezing your hands? Let the Internet power you instead. This relatively novel technology, fi...

Logging Coffee Consumption Data in the Cloud

So, coffee is very important in our class at Hyper Island. It is the key topic of the Digital Data Strategiest class mee...

LEGO Synthesizer built this playable LEGO synth!! Freakkin amazing! Thanks to the...

Worlds smallest organ!

combined the LittleBits korg synth with the Ehx B9/C9

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