Chapter Leader

Ms. Knight

Hello! My name is Kelly Knight and I am the STEAM Coordinator at Riverside Presbyterian Day School in Jacksonville,FL. I teach students from 1st to 6th grade. My goal is to truly facilitate a learning environment where children can explore, create, and inspire. I want to create confident students...more

Member Inventions

Little bits lamp

We mad a lamp a it is made out of little bits. We used the little bits Power source, toggle switch and two bright led lights.

Owl #animatronicschallenge

A team of 3rd graders made a baby owl that tweets (buzzes) and moves back and forth in it's nest.

Flying Car and Magic Wand

We made a flying car and a light up wand.

Zebra #animatronicschallenge

A team of 3rd graders created a Zebra with light up ears, light on back for to represent the sun of africa, and a wagging tail to ...

The Drawinator

The Drawinator is a fantastic machine that draws curvy lines/rainbows. How to start it: Turn it on and then pick a marker or crayo...

Richard the Lionheart's Castle

We created Richard the Lionheart's Castle with a moving horse and a flag blowing in the wind.

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