Chapter Leader

Bing Jiang

Bing Jiang is co-founder of Rolling Robots - A Kids Tech Workshop where kids can host their robot building birthday parties and study robotics and technology through After-school programs and summer/winter camps.

Member Inventions

Star Wars BB-8 #BitWars

We used littleBits to bring BB-8 to life. It spins on a servo motor and blinks a bright LED light.

Automatic Dog Care System - #Inventforgood

The automatic dog care system allows owners with disabilities to effectively care for their pet. The servo motor moves to scratch ...

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY LittleBits! #BirthdayChallenge

Rolling Robots Roboteers built a cake with 5 candles to celebrate littleBits 5th Birthday! We used DC motors to create spinning ca...

littleBits Spooked Lego House #hackhalloween

A group of 4 and 5 year-old kids built a Lego House with littleBits. When the night falls, the Lego house turned into a spook...

Two Trigger Sound Machine: Slider and Cloudbit

Activate the caller by using a slider and a cloudbit signal! Need two slide dimmers and two mounting boards.

Wireless Winch

When you press the virtual button on your phone, it will turn the motor thus bringing the string up or down

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