Chapter Leader

Bing Jiang

Bing Jiang is co-founder of Rolling Robots - A Kids Tech Workshop where kids can host their robot building birthday parties and study robotics and technology through After-school programs and summer/winter camps.

Member Inventions

When Zach turned on a littleBits TV #hackhalloween

Zach was on his way to work and accidentally turned on a littleBits TV. Watch what happened after......

BitOlympics - Bit Basketball Game

Rolling Robots' members invented a littleBits enabled BitOlymics basketball game.

R2D2 Goes on Patrol #BitWars

For young children who love Star Wars, making a R2D2 is very exciting - even if the R2D2 is is made of paper and in a square ...

Star Wars BB-8 #BitWars

We used littleBits to bring BB-8 to life. It spins on a servo motor and blinks a bright LED light.

Yoda vs Darth Vader Lightsaber Fight - for #BitWars

When Yoda met Darth Vader on the moon... ...

Car for Disabled #InventforGood

This is a special car made for individuals who are paralyzed in their legs and cannot use their feet to press the gas pedal. Using...

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