Chapter Leader

Travis Sluss

Travis Sluss found his first start in the technology industry at an early age printing labels for his local community at 11 years old. A few years later Travis became the youngest intern that a recognized New York City computer-consulting firm had ever accepted. Later that summer he built his fir...more

Member Inventions


A Pumpkin spinner for easy access to all sides of the pumpkin during artifying.

Fiona's Doorbell

Fiona used the base kit to create a doorbell for her room!

Super littleBits Copter Dog Cape!

In the year 3000 Dogs can fly anywhere with the help of littleBits! A remix of the Petmate project from the Gizmos and Gadgets Kit...

Mr. RC Drawbot McArmface

We modded the G&G RC car for maximum drawing power!

Dancing Paper Robot!

Need a dancing companion? This is your project!

Snack-a-pult - #shapebits

As a growing 7 year old girl, I love healthy snacks !  I invented a new way to eat raisins using littleBits and everyday...

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