Chapter Leader

Travis Sluss

Travis Sluss found his first start in the technology industry at an early age printing labels for his local community at 11 years old. A few years later Travis became the youngest intern that a recognized New York City computer-consulting firm had ever accepted. Later that summer he built his fir...more

Member Inventions

Squirm The Snake Puppet! #animatronicschallenge

Today's #animatronicschallenge was so much fun! The Larchmont littleBits Chapter created a snake puppet named Squirm... A remix of...

The Viking

Future Stars and MacInspires teams up every summer for STEAM Camp! Campers Jessie and Skyler made an amusement park ride call...

The Swings

During STEAM Camp at Future Stars our campers Sebastian and Dilon made an amusement park ride called "The Swings".  Turn the ...

Mr. RC Drawbot McArmface

We modded the G&G RC car for maximum drawing power!

Snack-a-pult - #shapebits

As a growing 7 year old girl, I love healthy snacks !  I invented a new way to eat raisins using littleBits and everyday...


A Pumpkin spinner for easy access to all sides of the pumpkin during artifying.

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