Chapter Leader

LittleBits @ Riverside Library

The Riverside Public Library is proud to be a Little Bits Chapter in Riverside, CA U.S.A. and I am excited to take the lead on this project. My name is Nancy Walker and I am a Library Technician and the Library Volunteer Coordinator. I look forward to sharing ideas with all of you, and creating p...more

Member Inventions

LittleBits Flashlight Hack

The children designed their own unique flashlights.

LittleBits Makey Makey Game Controller for Scratch Coding Game

The children of the Casa Blanca Library created their own games using Scratch Coding. Then, using the LittleBits Makey Makey Bit, ...


The children of the Casa Blanca Library designed and built this LittleBits powered helicopter with StrawBees rotor blades.

LittleBits Race Car Challenge

The children and staff of the Arlington Library competed to design the fastest LittleBits powered race car. Great fun was had by a...

StrawBees Ferris Wheel Powered by LittleBits

This ferris wheel is made of Strawbees and powered by LittleBits

Little Bitty Digital Organ

While most of the kids are still getting used to the Little Bits and their various functions; some of them are starting to get cre...

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