Chapter Leader


I'm electrical engineer, maker and education passionate! I've been working with embedded systems (product development) for more than 12 years now. I'm also a maker and became a littleBits fan first time I meet it in middle 2014. Since I started to play with my daughter I understood the po...more

Member Inventions

Davi's Horror Box that throws things and screams #hackhalloween

Danilo created a box that horrifies with a deadly shot of a elastic and scream when it is opened.#hackhalloween 

Cycling track #bitOlympics

Using recycled materials , 3D printer and bits, they made a super radical cycling track !

Toc toc #ChainReaction

A crazy super way that in the end open the door!

The Dragon

Dragon made with plastics bottles!

Lucas' R2D2 #BitWars

Lucas created a R2D2 from papercraft and bits to move and light it. #bitwars

Arthur's R2D2 made of bottles #bitwars

Arthur built this awesome R2D2 using bottles and a paper box. 

Member Lessons

Bit Wars Workshop Guide: Design Thinking

This workshop guide is part of the Bit Wars Ultimate Fan Challenge and combines design thinking with the littleBits Invention Cycl...

#hourofcode Level 3: Droids have feelings too.

In this Bit Wars / #hourofcode mash up activity, use littleBits to invent a droid that shows emotion. Check out this post for more...

#ChainReaction Contraption Workshop Guide

OVERVIEWIn this challenge, participants will work in teams to invent a complex contraption that performs a super simple task.WORKS...

BitOlympics 2016 Workshop Guide

OVERVIEWDuring this workshop, participants will work in teams to create an Olympic-inspired invention. Don't forget to submit your...

Hour of Code: Invent Your Own Spell!

Looking for a magical Hour of Code lesson? This set of beginner activities will get your students thinking about algorithms -...

Magic of Invention Workshop Guide

Are you ready for a most magical adventure? In this workshop, participants will craft an invention inspired by the magic of Harry ...

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