Chapter Leader


I'm electrical engineer, maker and education passionate! I've been working with embedded systems (product development) for more than 12 years now. I'm also a maker and became a littleBits fan first time I meet it in middle 2014. Since I started to play with my daughter I understood the po...more

Member Inventions

#NationOfMakers Band 1,2,3!

A band with guitar, guitar and drums ! Using bits and refuse

Nosing Witch

Henrique made a nosing Witch

Bat-prank #hackhalloween

Don't wake up the sleeping bat in the cave. Once awake it makes noise, vibrate and blink the eyes!Be carefull!!!!Built with paper ...

C3PO #BitWars

A C3PO built with recycled material.

Davi's Horror Box that throws things and screams #hackhalloween

Danilo created a box that horrifies with a deadly shot of a elastic and scream when it is opened.#hackhalloween 

Candy thrower monster #hackhalloween

Funny candy thrower monster, you get one candy and he throws you another one!Built with servo and light sensor with threshold as t...

Member Lessons

Hour of Code: Invent Your Own Spell!

Looking for a magical Hour of Code lesson? This set of beginner activities will get your students thinking about algorithms -...

Birthday Challenge Workshop Guide

OVERVIEWDuring this workshop, participants will work in teams to invent a celebration creation for littleBits’ 5th Birthday Party....

Bit Wars Workshop Guide: Design Thinking

This workshop guide is part of the Bit Wars Ultimate Fan Challenge and combines design thinking with the littleBits Invention Cycl...

Introducing the Invention Cycle

This lesson will introduce students to the littleBits Invention Cycle, a process that can help guide students through the inventio...

BitOlympics 2016 Workshop Guide

OVERVIEWDuring this workshop, participants will work in teams to create an Olympic-inspired invention. Don't forget to submit your...

#hourofcode Level 2: Look at that droid go!

In this Bit Wars / #hourofcode mash up activity, use littleBits to invent a droid that moves around. Check out this post&nbsp...

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