Chapter Leader


I am a Lebanese Computer Engineer and a passionate tech researcher and educator. My research and work aim at implementing STEAM education into the Lebanese community and inspire the next generation of innovators.

Member Inventions

Golf @ Olympics 2

Ali one of our youngest members decided to participate in the olympics challenge by making a golf game.

Watering can

Ali, a 5 years old kid, was interested in the servo motor when he saw his big brother playing with it and so he decided to make a ...

Olympic Torch

Olympic Torch with our youngest member.

Halloween Jar

In this invention we made a scary Halloween Jar. Every time someone puts his hand to take some candy w box him with our own scary ...

Prank your guests

Our community invented this prank tool which throws tree leaves on the guest when he enters our doors. 

Golf @ Olympics

Why not add Golf to the olympics? well we add it with littleBits. 

Upcoming Events


little inventors program

Join us this Saturday as we launch our new little inventors program and enjoy our new maker space. For all old bitsers, new projects are included in this program! Can't wait to see you

Geek Express Gallery, Saifi village, Beirut Lebanon Beirut,BA, Lebanon

10:55AM 25 March 2017