Chapter Leader

Innovate Technology & Robotics Academy Australia

Sue co-founded Innovate Technology & Robotics Academy and Innovate Tech Camps Australia and is a Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy Certified Instructor. She has been teaching robotics, coding, technology and electronics in the classroom in several top primary and secondary schools in Melbourne and...more

Member Inventions

Scary Halloween Pumpkin Lantern

Created by kids for kids, this pumpkin lantern is supposed to frighten someone!

Christmas Tree Light Up

Kids love Christmas and are starting to think of Christmas 2016, the presents they want, the lights, the Christmas tree, decoratio...

Light Up Your House - Toy

  This project was done by primary school students at Innovate Academy. Their first time tinkering with littleBits, they ...

Tennis in action - Practice Courts

This is a project done by kids who have no experience with littleBits - their first time prototyping. Our theme was the Australian...

Cool Cap

This simple but cute project was done by kids following the littleBits theme of wearable technology.

Sensor Lights

Playing and learning about sensors, kids decided to light up a toy house and then have the sensor react to the light and the light...

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