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I am a teacher in the primary school since 25 years now, I've been always curios about tecnology and I love to involve myself and my students in challenges... this way we learn together, we have fun and most of the time we are satisfyed :)

Member Inventions


A rather simple trafficlight with two alternate lights.

Halloween - No school is safe!

Little scary movie realized for the Halloween challenge with the creations of the kids of my class. They are six years old and the...


A special car: the faster it goes the louder it buzzes.Made with little bits and lego.

Roll-up shutter - La tapparella

My students wanted to understand the mechanism inside the roll-up shutters in our classroom. They started to build some simple mod...

Animated Nativity scene

This is the Nativity scene made in my primary school. As i love to say, we used Little Bits and fantasy ;)

Member Lessons

classroom noise level alarm

Students explore Little Bits in order to create an helpful tool for the entire class. Probably they will stumble upon the "loop" e...

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